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You can connect Bonjoro to over 1000 apps listed on Zapier to send personal videos with Bonjoro

How Zapier works with Bonjoro

Connect Bonjoro to your other apps via Zapier. Send personal videos to your subscribers, leads or customers, based on any relevant triggers and actions inside your Zapier account. You'll then be notified in your Bonjoro account whenever you need to record a personal video for your contact.

Benefits of connecting Bonjoro to your Zapier account:

•  Stand out in your customers’ inbox with truly personalised videos
•  Add call-to-actions to your videos to drive customers to take action
•  Get more replies and build deeper relationships with your customers

Connecting Zapier to Bonjoro

It only takes a few minutes to connect your Zapier apps to Bonjoro and start sending personal videos to your leads and customers. Here’s an example of how it’s done with connecting Kajabi and Bonjoro through Zapier:

Popular Bonjoro use cases for Zapier users

•  Convert inbound leads
•  Thank your buyers
•  Celebrate key customer milestones

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Connect Zapier using Bonjoro funnels

Bonjoro web platform

Connect Bonjoro with your existing CRM and tools to send personalised videos.

Stay in sync

Send your videos on the move with Bonjoro's iOS and Android apps.

Chrome extension

Fast & free webcam and screen recorder to engage and educate your customers.

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