Make more sales with personalized videos

Send fast personal videos to your prospects and leads to get more replies, book more calls, and close more opportunities.

The results of our Bonjoro video emails so far have been $16,200 extra sales within 4 weeks!

Christo Hall | Owner of Basic Bananas

Why Sales teams use Bonjoro:

To stand out in your prospects’ inbox
To personalize lead engagement at scale
To get more replies vs. regular email
To book more calls and demos
To beat quota with time to spare

Get your pipeline moving quicker with video

Add a personal touch to key moments in your pipeline to get prospects warmed up and ready to take that next step. By integrating Bonjoro with your CRM, your can send personalized videos based on deal stages, tags or custom properties.

Drive next steps with CTAs and embeds

Add CTA buttons next to your personal videos to drive next steps. Link your calendar booking form, or embed pre-recorded demos to deliver a personalized experience without having to make a new walkthrough for every prospect.

Keep your team aligned with lead assigning and filtering

Don’t go it alone. Get your whole team hitting quota like clockwork with simple team assigning features and filters to send the right leads to the right reps, based on the prospects timezone, product usage and more.

Track everything and optimize your video-selling approach

Track open rates, watch rates, and click rates, and compare the performance of your team’s video templates. Share what works best across your team and see your deal close rates climb for every team member.
Popular use cases:
Drive more engagement than regular email, and make your follow-ups count
Engage outbound prospects
Reach out to new prospects with personal videos to get more replies and close more sales
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Follow-up after sales meetings
Recap your sales meetings with personal videos to get more replies and more conversions
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Reduce demo “no-shows”
Reduce demo no-shows by sending personal video reminders to prospects before your meeting
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