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Bonjoro lets you collect authentic video & written testimonials from your customers and easily publish them to your website and social media channels at the click of a button.

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Spin up customer-friendly testimonial requests in minutes and share anywhere with a simple link.


Store all of your testimonials in one place and apply tags to keep your customer feedback organized.


Publish to your website with a single click, or download your testimonials to share via social media or email.
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Why you need testimonials on your site

Customer testimonials can boost your website conversions by 80%

Research shows that having customer testimonials on your website can help build trust in your products and increase conversions by 80%. Bonjoro makes the process easy, so you can supercharge your conversion rates in no time.
I am loving the responses we are receiving. We are thrilled with the results and look forward to using this for more of our programs, and will be recommending it to our thousands of students as well!
Brittani Baker | Community Manager at Amy Porterfield, Inc.

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