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Bonjoro for Customer Success

Use personalised video to activate new users and turn them into high-spending superfans

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"'Be Human' is our number one value at YourVone. Bonjoro helped us get that across to customers."

Jeremy Redman, YourVone

Send personal videos

Use personal videos at key moments in your customers journey

With Bonjoro your team can send fast personal videos at just the right moment, to convert trials, welcome new users, and support them throughout their journey with your business.

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Custom branding

Stand out, and spark greater customer engagement

Stand out in your customer's inbox with something truly personal. Customise your videos with your own branding, and add CTA buttons to drive better activation and ongoing engagement.

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Connect your tool

Connect with the Customer Success tools you already use

Bonjoro connects to your existing CS tools so you can send your personalised videos at the perfect moment. Send videos based on key events like new trial, card added, and product milestone reached.

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More reasons why customer success teams should use Bonjoro

Get better open rates with personalised video emails.

Spark conversations with your customers and drive up LTV.

Send video updates to multiple users using Rollups.

How are other customer success teams using Bonjoro?

Onboard new customers

Send personal videos to new customers to welcome them and advise them on next steps.

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Re-activate churning customers

Send personal videos at the right moment to save customers in danger of churning.

Respond to customer issues

Use personal video to respond to customer issues quickly, clearly, and with a human touch.

Here's what other customer success teams are achieving with Bonjoro videos.

"Recording each video takes about 30 seconds. But the effect is much bigger than that!"


Reduced annual user churn by 36.23%

We have just so much great feedback from customers saying: "What an amazing customer success experience!"

Alex at Design Pickle explains why his whole team loves Bonjoro

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