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Communicate more effectively with video

Bonjoro’s HD Chrome screen & webcam recorder helps you delight and engage your customers with helpful videos throughout their journey with your business.

Explain things more easily

Why send multiple messages, when you can record a single video that’s easier to understand. Create demos, explainers, and guides to share with everyone, or record unique videos for a truly personal touch.

Inspire and drive action

Add eye-catching CTAs to your videos. Whether it's learning more about your offering, booking a call, or joining your community, video is the perfect medium for driving customers to take the next step.

Engage on any channel

Share videos with your leads and customers on any channel. Embed a video thumbnail into your emails, or paste a simple link into your website, social channels, SMS or chat messages.

Simple, intuitive features to help you succeed

Bonjoro’s Chrome screen recorder includes all the features you need to scale video across all your customer touch-points.

Fast HD recording

The fastest way to record and share webcam videos or screen recordings. HD recording as standard.

Reusable templates

After recording, you can edit and save the design of your video, changing the default text, adding your logo, brand colour, background image and call to action.

Quick sharing

Share your videos quickly and easily by embedding a thumbnail into your emails, or sharing a simple link.

Instant tracking

See how people are interacting with your recordings by tracking how many times your video is watched or if your call to action was clicked.

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Connect Bonjoro with your existing CRM and tools to send personalised videos.

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Send your videos on the move with
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