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Up-sell new customers

Up-sell new customers

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Most companies struggle to raise awareness of premium content, or annual plans during the customers initial onboarding or adoption phase. When do you mention them? Where should they live on your website?

And in the end, you end up losing valuable revenue from eager customers who might actually have upgraded or bought more product.


Use video to personally inform your new customers about premium features. There’s no better opportunity to raise that awareness than in your welcome video, or during a customers first few weeks with your business.


Create a Bonjoro task to fire based on a “new customer” list or tag in your CRM, or create a funnel based on an indicator that the new customer is actively getting value from your product (e.g. high usage, activating key features).

Send a personal video where you provide extra value, and mention your premium content or annual plan deals.

Example message template


Upsell premium plans


Tag added to contact > New customer (high usage)

CTA suggestion

Link to a landing page where they can learn more and upgrade

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Subject line

Here’s a quick tip for you [Name]

Hi {first_name|there}, So excited to have you with [Company Name]. I recorded you a quick video with a neat little trick to getting the most value from [insert your product name]. I also wanted to let you know personally about our pro features.

Unlock pro features


Hey, Marie, Oli from Bonjoro here. Just wanted to reach out very quickly.

So well done for getting started with Bonjoro, I can see you've been with us for a few weeks, you sent out a few 100 videos already, which is amazing. I did jump into your account, though, and notice that, , it looks like you've got more tasks backed up in your task list, and I wondered whether you're getting a little bit overwhelmed with the number of videos that you need to send. And I wanted to L up that we actually have a feature that helps with that.

So if you look at our Grrrowth plan, if you haven't checked it out yet, we have a feature that's called, , roll ups. And basically, what you can do is take let's say you've got 20 tasks that you couldn't get to that day. You can select all of them, roll them up into one task and send a single video to all of those people. It's still making that connection with them. It's not, 1 to 1 personal, but you're definitely making that connection in the moment with those customers.

So if you're interested in that, if you want to know more about it, you know, check out the site, where it says roll ups or reply back to this video, I'd be more than happy to jump on a quick call with you, show you exactly how the feature works and, you know, discuss whether that's going to be right for you. Yeah, I just wanted to flag it up. Hopefully, that's helpful, but yeah, good luck with the rest of your, Bonjoro video sending and take care.



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