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Thank buyers or donors

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Sometimes we get so focused on where the next customer is coming from that we forget to show existing customers some love. This can lead to so many missed opportunities for growth through customer advocacy.


Building customer loyalty is about delivering an amazing experience but also about showing empathy and appreciation. Send personal videos to your customers at the perfect moment simply to say "thank you"; for buying your product, donating to your cause, whatever you want to thank them for.

Everyone likes to feel like they matter to the business or cause, and that their patronage makes a difference.


Set-up a Bonjoro funnel where conditional on a sale in your CRM or donation received, you add a tag to the customer that then generates a Bonjoro task. Once the tag is added, you'll be notified in Bonjoro, and you can send your personal video via the web or mobile app.

Check out the example message template below for inspiration.

Example message template


Increase loyalty


Tag added to contact > Product X purchased

CTA suggestion

Link to a page or video that reminds the recipient of your mission

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Subject line

It’s people like you who make all the difference

Hi {first_name|there}, I just wanted to take the time to record a personal thank you video to let you know how much you mean to us. This business would not be where it is today without people like you.

About our mission


Hey, what's up, Dana?

I wanted to personally thank you so much for your order and welcome you to the Tony Ray family. Really excited that you're here. I'm stoked for you guys to get your first set of tattoos. I know you're gonna love them, but we can't wait to see your kids rocking them.

Thanks Dana.

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