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Send your customers seasonal greetings

Send your customers seasonal greetings

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Send personal videos to your customers at seasonal times of year.

The trigger for this funnel is obvious - just wait for a seasonal moment worth celebrating, and upload a list of your most important customers via CSV or tag them in your CRM with something like “Seasonal Greeting” and create a Bonjoro task from that tag.

Pro Tip: Use your Call to Action (CTA) to link to a funny YouTube video to bring a little joy to their day, or link to your calendar to arrange a Christmas drink or lunch.

Example message template


Delight your customers


Tag added to contact > Seasonal greeting

CTA suggestion

Link to a fun Christmas song on YouTube

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Subject line

Made you a personal Christmas video {Name}

Wanted to personally share a few thanks with you [Name]. Watch the video, and hit the button at the end for a little festive delight!

Click for a surprise


Hey, Martino, Oli from Bonjoro here.

I just want to wish you a very merry Christmas and a happy New Year. Just say a quick thank you for being a customer of ours again this year, and just to give you a quick bit of information, so keep an eye on your email inbox in January, , we're gonna be announcing a brand new product from the team here at Bonjoro. Hopefully, you love it.

It's all based on your feedback on and our other customers feedback as well in the survey that we did a couple of months ago. So keep an eye out for that, but yeah, I just want to say very Merry Christmas. Have a great new year. And yeah, see you soon.



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