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Respond to customer issues

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A personal video can help you get a point across succinctly, and with a human touch that reduces tensions. Instead of drafting a three paragraph email that takes you ages to compile, experiment with a quick 2 minute video to explain everything.

I often see this Bonjoro funnel triggered based on a new ticket generated in Zendesk, Freshdesk or whatever system you use to manage client issues, or even based on receipt of an email to a support@ or info@ email business inbox.

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Hi {first_name|there}! Instead of drafting you a long email about your issue, I decided I would record a quick video! Let me know if this covers everything for you.

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Good day Andy, it's James here from the Bonjoro team.

I thought I'd send you this quick video rather than send you an essay of a of an email trying to explain what's happened. So I know that you reached out because you were a little bit unsure as to why your new orders weren't coming through, even though you set up your Shopify integration.

So I had a look at your account and I can see that you, what you've done is you've used the new customer trigger rather than the new order created trigger. So basically what the new customer, the new customer trigger is whenever a new customer is created in Shopify, it will then create a task in Bonjoro to send them a welcome video. Whereas what you're looking for is the the new order task, the new order trigger. And that will create a task every time a new order is replaced, whether they're an existing customer or a new customer.

But you can then use the, you can use the custom fields and the customer context fields to let you know which is which anyway, I thought it was easier to just send this to explain that any questions. Let me know. I have put a link to my calendar on the side here just in case you would like to, jump on a call and, and chat through anything I've mentioned.

Anyway, happy Bonjoroing.

And hopefully you can get this fixed.

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