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Rekindle “gone-cold” leads

Rekindle “gone-cold” leads

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We’ve all been there. A customer seems interested, ready to pull the trigger and move forward and then... silence. Weeks sometimes turns into months, and the lead goes completely cold. Or so it would seem...

Use Bonjoro to spark cold leads back into life. Send something that truly stands out in your prospects’ inbox, and shows that you’d be an ideal supplier for their business.

Create a tag in your CRM for leads who have been inactive for X days - say 30/60/90 days, and add those prospects into Bonjoro.

Example message template


Rekindle gone-cold leads


Tag added to contact > Lead inactive 60+ days

CTA suggestion

Link to your online booking calendar

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Subject line

I recorded a video for you [Name]

Hi {first_name|there}, I know we spoke in [Month], and I wanted to follow up personally and give you some additional context around what we have been chatting about to see if there’s any way we can proceed with the proposal.

Book a catch up call


Good day, David. It's James here from the Bonjoro team in Sydney.

I just wanted to reach out and introduce myself. I'm the head of Customer Success here at Bonjoro. I'm here to basically make sure if you've got any questions around the platform, you know where to find me. I can see you jumped in and downloaded our, our playbook for how to get the most out of video messaging. Ah, but you then didn't take that next step. You have to sign up and have a bit of a play yourself.

So I wanted to make sure that if you had any questions around you know, best practice strategy, you know, set up or whatever it is that you need that, you know how to find me. There's a link to my calendar on the side there. If you'd like to book in a call or if you've got any questions, you can just reply directly to this anyway, happy Journey.

And hopefully we can see you on the platform soon.

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