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Re-activate past customers

Re-activate past customers

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When it comes to selling our new products or courses, we immediately think about searching for fresh customers or prospects and hammer away at top-of-funnel tactics. This can get expensive and be a frustrating hit and miss affair.


This video-funnel helps you bring in a ton of repeat sales from your past customers by personally updating them on your latest offers via a quick personalised video email. The bar is so low when it comes to your competition, the personal touch will make a huge impact.


There’s a few approaches here.

  1. Upload a CSV file into your Bonjoro account of past customers you think you should reach back out to.
  2. Create a funnel to re-connect with customers at regular intervals - say 3, 6, 12 months, and personally update them on your latest products and offerings, or even early bird tickets for your latest event.
  3. You could even fire your Bonjoro funnel from an event in your CRM, like updating all past customers with a common tag related to a new product launch, e.g. "Product X launch".  

Example message template


Reactivate past customers


Tag added to contact > Lapsed customer (12 months)

CTA suggestion

Link to a landing page explaining your new product

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Subject line

I think you’ll like this {Name}

Hey {first_name|there}, I just put the final touches on our new product here, and you sprang to mind as someone who’d get huge value from it. I recorded you a quick 1 minute personal video to tell you all about it, and there’s a link to learn more if you’re interested!

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Hey Joan, this is Cho, your product manager here at Bonjoro just sending you a quick message to check in on you because it's been a while and we miss you.

Anyway, in the last three months, we have been busy addressing some of your feedback because I do remember the last time we had a chat. You did mention that one of your pain points was the lack of customizations on our testimonial sliders and publishable and it doesn't fit your brand and we've addressed just that.

So if you want to give us another shot, check out Bonjoro, check out sliders. We've added more ways for you to customize the branding, the color schemes to fit your website. And again, thank you so much for your feedback to make it easier for you.

How about this? Hit us up, send us a message. We can restart your trial quick and easy just so you can play around and check out our improvements on sliders.

And anyway, we're looking forward to having you back.

Cheers and send us a message anytime.

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