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Re-activate at risk of churn customers

Re-activate at risk of churn customers

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We all know how much it stings when a customer hits that cancel button, or emails you to say they’re jumping ship. It stings more when you know it could have been avoided with a little it of foresight and customer attention.


Send personal videos to customers who look like they are becoming disengaged, inactive or in danger of churning. This ensures customers feel loved and supported at critical moments in their journey with your business, so they remain active and loyal.


Think about key signals that might show a customer is becoming inactive and in danger of churning. For SaaS companies this might be “not logged in for 15 days”, or for a membership site this might be “not downloaded latest course”. Whatever your signal, create a Bonjoro task to fire based on this trigger in your CRM.

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Tag added to contact > Not logged in for 15 days

CTA suggestion

Link to your product sign in page

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Subject line

Got a cool idea for you {Name}

Hi {first_name|there}, we just launched [insert feature], and I wanted to personally let you know about it. I had a look through your account, and thought it could benefit you. Watch the video for how it could help you with [insert problem], then log in and give it a try yourself…

Log in and try it out


Good day, Jeff. It's James here from the Bonjoro team in Sydney.

I'm the head of Customer Success here at Bonjoro, and I just wanted to reach out and see how everything was going. I can see that you started using Bonjoro to welcome new customers, and I can see that over the last couple of weeks, it was working well, but over the last couple of weeks, you've dropped off a little bit.

So I just wanted to jump in and see if there was anything I could do to help you, either improve your results or start, , start up again, finding that habit again. I had a bit of a look through you account. I can see that your results are pretty good. So far, there's a couple of things that I'd like to talk through with. You kind of like fine tuning some of your scripts and messaging.

And there's also a couple of AB tests that I think we could run and see if they would have a kind of like a big impact on how your how your I guess your results, but also how people are engaging and responding with the videos, and I'll put a link on the site here to my calendar.

If you'd like to have a chat, , just find a time that works best for you otherwise have people drawing and hopefully we can speak soon.

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