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Onboard new customers

Onboard new customers

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The first challenge for any business is getting new customers to actually use your course or product, and experience it's true value.

This video funnel helps you better educate customers on your product so they get instant value, and stick around to become high-spending superfans of your business.


Send a personal video within the first few hours of your new customer signing up. Welcome them by name, let them know how they will be supported by you and your team, and give them a signpost on the next best steps to take to get amazing value from your product.


For this funnel we suggest creating a Bonjoro task based on a “new customer” list or tag in your CRM. This way, each new contact is instantly added into your Bonjoro task list, and you'll be notified to send your video. Our data shows that initial engagement and paid conversions rates are significantly higher when you send videos to welcome new customers within the first 4 hours.

Create a message template in Bonjoro to save time sending your videos each time. Your template is pre-filled with your email subject line, message copy (including their name if you have it), and the right call-to-action to drive them to take the next step. Take a look at the example below to see what we mean.

Example message template


Activate new customers


Contact added to list > New customer

CTA suggestion

Link to a helpful resource about how to best use your product

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Subject line

Welcome on board [Name]! I recorded you a personal video!

Hi {first_name|there}, I am excited to get things rocking and rolling for you. I recorded you a quick video on our typical roll-out process and how we normally coordinate to get you up to speed! Hit the button after to get our pro tips for getting started with [insert your product name]

Get started


Hey, good morning, Andre Alex here from Design Pickle.

I just wanted to say welcome to the design Pickle family. We are so excited to work with you. I wanted to take a few seconds to talk to you about my team, the customer success team. Our mission is to help you get the most out of design pickle.

So any questions or concerns you can speak with me or my team. The only time you wouldn't talk to my team itself is if it's about the design. So if you wanted to change the font, change the color of something, talk to your designer. However, any other question or concern, talk with my team.

Best way to reach my team is to email help at Design that is help at Design Let us know what you need and we'll get back to you.

All right, Andre, have a great day.

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