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Convert inbound leads

Convert inbound leads

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You're driving leads, trials or enquiries into your funnel, but your conversion rates are weak.

The name of the game with this video funnel is to turn more of your inbound leads into sales, and get your business flying again.


Send a quick personalised video to create an instant rapport with each new lead, and get them taking the right steps towards converting. Video will help you stand out in their inbox, spark that human connection, and make sure that they engage with you vs. the competition!


If you’ve got any sort of inbound lead funnel, this will be easy. You’ll want to trigger a Bonjoro task on the back of your relevant lead: new enquiry, form completion, lead magnet downloaded, new trial started; whatever a lead is to your business.

Use your video to address them by name, recognise their challenge, and outline how you or your product can help them solve it.

Your call to action should fit with whatever action is most likely to bring the conversion, for example: booking a demo with you, hopping on a call, or taking a specific step with your product that will lead them to success.

Example message template


Convert inbound leads


Contact added to list -> New customer

CTA suggestion

Link to your online calendar

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Subject line

Here’s a personal video I recorded for you

Hi {first_name|there}, Thanks for making an enquiry. I recorded you a personal video. Click to watch it, and hit that button to book a time in my diary for a 1:1 strategy call.

Book call


Hello and good afternoon Tiffany.

It is Matt from Design Pickle. According to my schedule, you and I are set for a product tour, all things pickles. We'll be talking about photography if you've got any questions, write those down, save them for tomorrow and we will discuss them and in the meantime, have a good evening.


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