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Invite VIP customers to your community

Invite VIP customers to your community

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Your VIPs are vital to your business, both from a financial perspective and from a brand advocacy angle. But amongst our busy schedules we often miss easy opportunities to get them actively involved with our communities.


This funnel is about getting your VIPs to join your online communities. By sending a personal video to invite them to your community, or social channels, you can deepen their customer loyalty and leverage their presence to the wider community.


Apply a VIP tag to relevant contacts in your CRM. This can be manual, or the result of someone purchasing a certain product or hitting a certain usage milestone with your product. This VIP tag will then prompt the creation of a Bonjoro task, where you can then record a personal video to invite the VIP to join your community.

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Tag added to contact > VIP customer

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Our community is better when you are there

Hi {first_name|there}, I just wanted to take the time to personally invite you to our community on Facebook. I recorded a video about what we cover there and how it might be valuable to you!

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Hi, Leslie. It's Noeleen here.

I hope you're having a fantastic Monday so far. So I'm popping in quickly to send you an actual personal invite to a free event that I'm hosting this evening.

It was so lovely to see you at the last event and I just had so much fun with you.

So I think as well that you'd really benefit from this free event because it's about natural and organic beauty. And I know that's something you're very interested in as well. And what I'm going to do with this free event is I'm going to teach you how to always be certain. The products you're buying actually are, in fact, natural, organic and 100% cruelty free.

I'm sure you're aware there's a lot of what's called greenwashing going on out there. And it's where brands are basically trying to use misleading language to trick you into thinking that your products are, in fact natural and organic when they're not at all. So this is what I'm going to help you with so that every time you go to the store, you will always be certain what you're buying is in fact natural, organic and cruelty free.

There's a PDF guide that goes along with it as well. And so it's just something kind of like a cheat sheet you can bring with you when you're out. Let's say in boots or whatever and that you know exactly what it is that you're looking for. So, do feel free to come along to that. It would be so lovely to see you there. It's just going to be, like, last time as well.

We're going to be on zoom where we can see and hear each other, and you'll get to ask me your questions as well. You'll also get to share as well what it is that maybe you're struggling with right now and what it is that you need help with, too. So and also, you'll get to mingle with the other people as well, which would be great. And you were so lovely last time. I loved that we were mingling with, Angelica as well. So, yeah, do feel free to come along.

And what I'll do is, , Leslie, I'll send you a separate email with the link so you can register for the event because that's how you'll get then the link to zoom. And then that's also where I'll be sending you then as well. The PDF guide as well. So, yeah, I hope you have a fantastic rest of your day.

And it'll be so lovely to see you at the event this evening.

Talk to you soon.


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