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Get survey responses from your customers

Get survey responses from your customers

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If you’ve ever spent heaps of time building a survey, only to struggle when it comes to gathering responses from your customers, this one’s for you.


Rather than doing a spray and pray to your customers by email or social, level up your survey outreach with a personalised approach. The law of reciprocity means customers will feel far more inclined to offer their views.


This one's simple. Either upload a CSV file of customers you want to gather surveys from and send your videos using Bonjoro, or for ongoing surveys add a tag in your CRM, which creates a task in your Bonjoro account to send a personal video to that contact. Here's two approaches you can take to tagging here:

  1. If you’re looking for insights about your best customers, create a tag based on positive customer milestones - for example tenure, lifetime value, repeat purchase rate.
  2. If you’re more interested in where you’re going wrong, think about tags based on negative milestones - for example trial ending (with no card added), customer cancelling, number of support tickets raised, low NPS, or negative review left.

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Tag added to contact > 6 months as customer

CTA suggestion

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Subject line

Can I get your view on something {Name}?

Hi {first_name|there}, I noticed that you’ve been with us for 6 months now, and wanted to reach out personally to get your views on some important issues we’re discussing at [insert your brand name]. Please watch the video, then hit the button to tell us what you think.

Give us your take


Hey John Ollie from Bonjoro here.

I just wanted to reach out very quickly with a quick request request. So we're basically trying to make the platform even better for our customers, for you. And to do that, what we've done is put together a quick survey and we're really hoping if you could just take a couple of minutes out of your day.

To respond to this survey, it's five questions. It should take you less than two minutes to respond. And we'll take that away. We'll put together a road map of all of the new features we're gonna bring out based on this survey from you and other customers and we will get back to you. So we will share that with you so you know what's coming up.

The survey is available via the button just next to my video here. So click on that button. It will take you straight through to the survey.

But yeah, I just want to say thank you in advance and take care.


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