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Get reviews from your happy customers

Get reviews from your happy customers

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Getting reviews for your product is so important to your conversion funnel, but it can be a painful and awkward experience gathering them. Too often this means they get left on the back-burner, and before you know it your competitors are crushing you at the consideration phase.


We learnt this one from one of our awesome eCommerce customers based out of Denmark called Munkstore. They used this funnel to reach #1 on Trustpilot in the Men’s Fashion category in just a few months!

The solution here is to make a personal ask for a review, using video, at the perfect moment in your customer’s journey. Far too many companies out there simply set and forget their review “asks” via an automated email - why not make it more personal and get 10 times the number of 5-star reviews along the way!?


To record your video at the perfect moment, create a Bonjoro task based off a solid signal that you’re customer is happy with your product. Look for key signals of customer happiness, and therefore likelihood to a) leave a review, and b) leave a 5-star review.

For example, high NPS scores, high usage of your product, repeat purchases, increased pledge, long-term customer - there’s so many we won’t list them all here. Once you know your signal, just create a Bonjoro funnel based off the list or tag in your CRM, and record your video to delight your customer, and get that review!

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Tag added to contact > NPS score over 8

CTA suggestion

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Subject line

Hi {first_name|there}. Can you help us out?

Hi {first_name|there}, wanted to say a quick thank you, and make a personal request. Watch the video to find out more, and hit the button if you have time to help.

Review us on [Platform]


Hello, Tom Grant here from Bonjoro.

Thanks so much for being such a valued customer. I know you've been with us for a number of years now. And so I just wanted to pop my head in and check if you would perhaps potentially consider giving us you know, a bit of a review. We all know how important and powerful social proof can be. So yeah, if you just click on the button there underneath me, depending on where you're watching this, It'll take you through to the page.

We'd love to get your feedback if you have anything that you'd like to send back to me personally as well about how we can be a little bit better or improve. Let me know as well.

So again, thanks so much for being such a great customer and yeah, have a great day.

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