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Get more cancelled customer surveys

Get more cancelled customer surveys

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You can’t build a great business if you fail to solve your customers’ true pain points. Let them go unknown for too long and you'll head off down the wrong path, and build all the wrong things.

This approach is all about finding out what you’re doing wrong, so you can fix things in your product and customer experience.


Take the time to ask your cancelled customers for insights with a personalised video.

The fact you’ve taken a minute of your day to make a personal ask for an exit survey, means your customer will be more inclined to take a minute of their time to complete it.


This one’s a cinch. Create a Bonjoro workflow based off a customer cancellation tag in your CRM, then generate huge engagement with a personal farewell, and a final “ask” of your departing customer.

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Gain insights from cancelled customers


Tag added to contact > Customer cancelled

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Can you spare 1 minute [Name]?

Hi {first_name|there}, I notice you cancelled your subscription with us. I wanted to say a personal farewell and ask if you’d complete our exit survey. Watch the video, and hit the button to give us your thoughts!

1 min exit survey


Hi, Julie, Oli from Bonjoro here.

I just want to reach out very quickly and say we're sorry to see you go. I see that you cancelled yesterday. What we like to do here rather than just ask you to fill out a survey there and then when you're cancelling, we prefer to do a quick video just say thank you for being a customer.

Firstly, we know you've been with us for a couple of years and we've had a couple of conversation in the past, and it's been really useful to get your views on Bonjoro. And it's helped us as well. What we'd love to do is if you could take three minutes to fill out a quick survey we put together on features you think we need or things that we could have been doing better whilst you're with Bonjoro, that would be amazing. It would help us improve the product. And if you then come back to Bonjoro in the future, there will be an even better products waiting there for you when you return.

So there's a button next to this video. If you click on that take you through to the quick survey that I mentioned, fill that in, that will come back to me. I'll make sure that our team gets your feedback and we actually action it as well.

But yeah, I just want to say thank you for being a customer again. And, best of luck with everything.



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