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Get case studies from your happy customers

Get case studies from your happy customers

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Case studies are one of the most critical parts of your conversion funnel, yet many companies struggle to implement a system for gathering and publishing new case studies.


The key is to look for signals that a customer is having a great experience, and make a super-personalised “ask” at the perfect moment. Read on to find out how it’s done!


Here at Bonjoro we trigger a task on the back on 300 videos sent. By that point we know that our customer is truly loving Bonjoro, and is enough of a power-user to have gotten great results and likely to want to share them with the world!

Your own funnel trigger might be a little different - for example you might want to create a Bonjoro task once a customer has been with you for 3 months, or if you run NPS surveys, you might want to create a trigger for any companies that leave an NPS score of 8 or above.

Example message template


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Tag added to contact > NPS score over 8

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Subject line

Can you help us out?

Hi {first_name|there}, I just noticed you’ve been with us for 3 months, and wanted to give you the chance to become part of our history with your own special place on our website. Watch the video for more info, and click on the CTA to lock in an interview with me!

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Hey, Adam, Oli from Bonjoro here.

Just wanted to reach out very quickly with a quick request so I can see you sent 1000 videos with Bonjoro already, which is amazing. I've spoken to you in the past. I know. And we've talked about, , what you're using Bonjoro for and and the results that you've been seeing as well, which are incredible. What I'd love to do is share your story on our website as a case study, so if you have time to help me with that, be amazing.

All we need to do is jump on a very quick 30 minute call. I'll ask you a few questions. I'll jot down a bunch of notes and then I'll just go away and write up that case study. I will, get it drafted up. I'll send it to you to sign off.

Once you've signed it up, I'll publish it on our website, and then the rest of the world and the rest of the bon duo ecosystem will see that and see the great results you're getting, it helps us out a little bit, and we'd be hugely grateful. If you could do that, so, yeah, check out the button. This video links to my calendar, pick a 30 minute slot. We'll go through that, as I say.

And, yeah, thanks again.



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