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Follow-up with webinar attendees

Follow-up with webinar attendees

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So you got the people to attend your webinar? The critical first step. But now comes the hard part; you need to keep these people engaged and in connection with you to work them towards a sale.


Send your webinar attendees a friendly personal video to follow up, thank them for attending, and drive them to take the next step towards buying your product.


Create a tag in your CRM for webinar attendees.

Once you've done that, connect your CRM to your Bonjoro account to create a task in your Bonjoro tasklist each time that tag is applied. This will pull in all of your future webinar attendees, so you can quickly send a video to each contact to follow up.

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Convert webinar attendee to customer


Tag added to contact > Attended webinar

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Link to your online calendar booking page

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Subject line

Thanks for taking the time to tune in!

Hi {first_name|there}, I am so grateful that you took the time to hop on with me today and learn a little about [insert topic of webinar]. If it struck a chord with you, or you think I might be able to help you out, give this video a watch on next steps!

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Hey, Tom. Happy Wednesday. Hope you're having an awesome week.

It's summer here from the Bonjoro team over in Southern California.

I just wanted to hop in to say thank you so much for coming to the five and five webinar. Hope you got some great tactics and tips you can utilize and then also send over a discount code.

So 20% off a bonjour account for life, just to say thank you. And if the code is April webinar, it's valid until Friday at midnight. If you claim it before, then you can get the discount.

And otherwise I hope you have a great rest of your day.

And Happy Bonjoroing cheers.

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