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Follow-up sales proposals

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Know that feeling when you spend all that time creating a proposal for a customer, and they go silent on you? Hours spent, commission already counted in your head (whoops!), and constant pressure from your manager asking you "what's happening with that proposal"?

Here’s a super-simple way to stop that happening.


Take the time to send your lead a personal video to follow-up on your proposal. Not only will you have chance to reiterate they key points of your proposal in video, vs. a long-winded written email, but your lead will feel valued, more confident in your business, and feel way more obliged to respond to your message. It's the law of reciprocation in action.


Set up a tag in your CRM to fire X days after you’ve sent a proposal to a lead. Say for example, you create a tag “Proposal ignored”, you can trigger a Bonjoro video task based off this tag. If you’re not comfortable with tags, add the contact to Bonjoro manually (via app or desktop) and fire your video over.

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Tag added to contact > Proposal ignored

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Subject line

Breaking down the key points from my proposal

Hi {first_name|there}, I thought it would be easier to break down the most important parts of the proposal I sent through in a short video. Watch the video to hear them. If you’re still unsure or want to ask any more questions, just click the link next to this video to book another call with me.

Book call


Hello, Tom Grant here from Bonjoro.

Thanks so much for your time last week. It was great to catch up, see exactly what you were looking for. You know, in terms of the offering, you know it always helps us to spec it up, price it all of that stuff. So, yeah, appreciate your time.

I've sent through the proposal via email. And I hope you've had a bit of a chance to have a look through it. If you have any questions, any feedback, anything like that, please let me know.

Otherwise, yeah, basically, if you can let me know when, we can look to get that back and sign and get everything under way so we can get you all set up, that would be super helpful.

So, have a great day.

Let me know how it's all going and chat soon.

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