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Follow-up after trade events

Follow-up after trade events

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We’ve all been to trade events as a sponsor, or attendee, and had great conversations with potential prospects and partners, only for our email follow up to go unanswered.


Bonjoro gives you a chance to follow up in a way that shows you valued their conversation, reminds them of your face, and helps you stand out against the other attendees all sending “bog standard” emails to the same person.


There's two approaches you can take to this funnel.

  1. Instead of grabbing business cards, scrambling for a pen to jot down emails, just whip out your phone and type their email right into your Bonjoro app, adding a note that reminds you of the conversation, e.g. “Owns a small biz, looking for design services”. Then a few days later when you’re back in your office sweating off the event party hangover, just record them a quick video to follow up.
  2. Create a new list in your CRM before attending the event, and add contacts into it that you meet at the event. You can setup a Bonjoro task to be created each time a contact is added to that list. When you return from the event you can simply send your videos, or even upload new contacts to create new tasks before sending your follow-ups.

Example message template


Book a follow-up call


Contact added to list > Met at X event

CTA suggestion

Link to your online calendar so they can book a call with you
Subject line

I just recorded you a quick video {Name}

Hi {first_name|there}, Loved meeting you at the event, and wanted to follow up personally to see if you’d like to pick up our conversation via a quick call.

Book a call with me


Hey, Catherine. Oli from Bojoro here.

Just wanted to reach out and follow up after the event last week, it was really great to talk to you. Really great hearing more about your business, What you're trying to do at the moment, , with your customer success team and I thought I'd reach out and just follow up quickly. I know you wanted to know more about our products and maybe jump on a demo as well to see how you could be sending on boarding videos with Bonjoro.

So what I've done is put my calendar booking link just next to this. So if you click the button just next to my video there, , it should show a bunch of available slots, book one in There's 30 minute slots, but we can go longer if we need to as well. And then we can, you know, talk about more about your business, more about your team, what you're looking to do with your onboarding videos.

Then hopefully, you know, figure out if Bonjoro is gonna be right for you, and then we can get you set up with the trial and we can go from there, but yeah, once again. Great to see you at the event last week and hopefully speak to you soon.



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