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Follow-up after sales meetings

Follow-up after sales meetings

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So you had a great meeting with a potential prospect but they go cold on you when you follow up?

This funnel helps you stand out, and get that reply you need to take your prospect closer to conversion.


Send a personal video to recap all of the key points, rather than try and cram it all into a long winded email. You can even share a CTA link in your video to a follow up document or proposal.


Create a Bonjoro workflow based off moving a customer from one lead stage list to another in your CRM, or based off a tag such as “Meeting complete”.

Example message template


Convert lead to sale


Tag added to contact > "Meeting complete"

CTA suggestion

Link to a next steps doc on Google docs or Word

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Subject line

Great to meet with you [Name] - here’s the next steps

Hi {first_name|there}, It was great learning more about what you are working on today! I just wanted to thank you and recap some of the key points with a quick video!

View next steps doc


Hey Selena, it's Rachel Dorsey.

I am the Savvy system director here at the virtual Savvy and I noticed that you were interested in the Savvy system. I want you to know that I would love to support you in building the virtual system business of your dreams, but only if it's the right fit for you.

So if you have any hesitations, any questions need further clarification, reach out to us. Let us know, in fact, email me directly, Let me know those hesitations, those questions or where you need clarification. And I would love to help and support you.

I hope to see you inside the Savvy system. But again, only if it's the right step for you to take talk soon.

Bye bye.

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