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Celebrate key customer milestones

Celebrate key customer milestones

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When your best customers don't hear from you for a long time, the danger of them churning, or going elsewhere goes up with each passing month.

Even worse, you'll miss a huge opportunity to turn a happy customer into a true word of outh superfan who brings you more customers.


When customers succeed with your product, make sure you celebrate that fact, so they feel energised and supported!

Send them a personal video to let them know that you are celebrating them, and throwing up a fist bump in their honour. The idea here is to increase customer loyalty through engagement.


The trigger for this might be based on how long someone has been a customer (like a 3 year customer anniversary) or it could be a notable accomplishment they have reached; like we at Bonjoro might send you one of these when you reach 1,000 Bonjoros sent.

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Keep customers motivated


Tag added to contact > 1000 videos sent

CTA suggestion

Link to something fun, like a Youtube video of an upbeat song

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Subject line

You reached a milestone!

Hi {first_name|there}, I just wanted to send you a quick video to let you know how proud of you me and the team are! Check it out.

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Julian Oli from Bonjoro here.

Just wanted to reach out and say huge congratulations for sending 10,000 videos with Bonjoro. That's absolutely incredible, we'd like to send a quick personal thank you like this to anybody to use that milestone and also link you to, , a link that gets you a free gift just to say thank you for being amazing for using our product all these years and sending so many videos.

So if you click on that button, it'll take you through to a site where you can basically select an experience day, anything you like. Anything that sort of suits you, whether it's surfing or going, , chocolate making something like that. Hopefully, that sounds cool, as I say, amazing, amazing work. Thank you so much for sending so many videos.

And, we're here to support you If you ever need anything, please, don't be afraid to reach out, and we'll be there for you. All right?

Take care.


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