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Bonjoro gives you the ability to really build relationships in a fraction of the time that you'd be able to in other channels. Start your free 14 day trial, then get 15% off if you upgrade and pay annually.
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Nothing gives small businesses a bigger advantage than using Bonjoro.
Joe Kerns
Watch my video above to hear more about why I love Bonjoro ❤️
I use Bonjoro and have had amazing results in terms of getting new clients, building relationships, and outcompeting agencies far bigger than we are

I know of no better way for the “little guys” to compete with big corporations than to use the power of personalized video.

Perfect example… I sent a Bonjoro to a new email subscriber on my list. He was so impressed that he responded saying he sent it to his VP of Sales and immediately implemented the exact same strategy with his entire sales team.

…he asked to work together, so I landed an amazing client that was in the top 20 of the Inc. 5000.

All from one video.

I’m an email marketer, and I don’t think there’s any number of clever emails I could’ve sent that would’ve resulted in that outcome.

Here’s 3 more reasons I chose Bonjoro, and why I think you’ll like it too:


Personalize your customers journey with ease

Bonjoro makes it easy to create and share personal videos at just the right moment. Once you’ve set everything up, Bonjoro notifies you at the perfect moment to send your videos - all you have to do is hit record and send.


Send videos from any device

Stand out in your customers’ inbox with something truly personal. Customise your videos with your own branding, add CTA buttons to drive better specific customer actions, and spark great relationships with customer conversations managed from the Bonjoro desktop or mobile app.
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Power up your existing funnels

Bonjoro connects to your existing sales and marketing tools so you can send your personalised videos at the perfect moment. Send your videos based on key events and triggers inside your other tools like new enquiry, webinar attended, or demo booked.
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