Easily create personalized videos

Throw off your video reservations, and feel like a video superhero with our simple and snappy video creation tools

Easily create personalised videos

Personalized videos

Record personalized videos for your leads and customers via Bonjoro’s web or mobile apps.

  • Record your videos on any device
  • Use video templates to personalize each video
  • Your customer data visible when recording

Group Videos

​​Send a single video to a group of your contacts, and let Bonjoro take care of the personalization and tracking for you.

  • Select multiple contacts and send a group video
  • See opens, views, clicks for each individual recipient
  • Create a personal experience whilst saving time

Video tracking

Track all interactions with your videos in real-time and engage with your customers at the perfect moment.

  • Track every moment of your videos' journey
  • Get notified when customers watch your videos
  • Analyze your video results and optimize

Custom branding

Add your own branding to your videos, and update the URL of your landing page with a custom domain.

  • Add your logo and branding to your videos
  • Host videos on /yourdomain.com
  • Keep yours and your team's videos on brand

Over 20,000 businesses are converting more customers with Bonjoro

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HD screen recording

Delight and engage your customers with helpful videos throughout their journey with your business.

  • Fast HD recording, and instant sharing
  • Add CTAs and forms to your videos
  • Share your video anywhere with a simple link

Video library

Store all of the videos you create with Bonjoro, and add your existing videos to keep everything in once place.

  • Keep everything neatly managed in one place
  • Upload existing videos to your library
  • Customize your videos with your Bonjoro templates

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