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Bonjoro gives you all the tools you need to master personal video, and build powerful, lasting connections with your customers

Create and record anywhere, anytime for anyone

Desktop recorder
No need to hash together multiple tools, or buy fancy recording equipment. Bonjoro lets you send personal videos quickly and easily from right where you’re sat.
Chrome extension
The fastest way to record, share and track webcam videos or screen recordings. HD recording as standard.
Mobile app
Take your Bonjoro app out into the wild, and give customers a taste of your real context and personality. Integrates into phone and Gmail contacts.
Support over 20 other languages into your video emails and landing pages. We can add new languages in less than 24 hrs so if yours isn’t listed just let us know.
"If you can compare email metrics to Bonjoro’s, Bonjoro’s knock email out of the park. Open rates around 70%, click through rates around 30%, you can’t come close to that with email."
Jason Resnick,

Integrate with your funnels

CRM Integrations

Integrate Bonjoro with your existing sales & marketing tools in a matter of minutes, and create simple workflows to pull customers into your Bonjoro app via CRM trigger events and tags.

CSV data uploads

Have a list of contacts outside of your CRM, or run on a database that we don’t integrate with? No problem. Upload your customer list via CSV in just a few clicks.

Zapier connectivity

Featured on Zapier’s fastest growing apps list for 2 years running, Bonjoro integrates seamlessly with over 1500 other web apps.

Start conversations & drive customer actions


Recipients can reply to your video messages by text or with a video of their own. Their responses come right back into your Bonjoro account, so you can feel their excitement, and build that connection!

Message Templates

Save time sending with templates for your Bonjoro videos. Each template links together your email design, video landing page, and call-to-action.

Call to actions

Add eye catching call-to-actions to your Bonjoro videos to drive business critical outcomes like demo bookings, landing page views, and purchases.

Personalise at scale

Customer context & insight

Your customer data is visible as you record, either pulled from your CRM, or enriched by us. This allows you to tailor each and every message as you record for a genuinely personal experience.


A time-saving way to send Bonjoro videos to a small group of recipients. Just bulk-select which contacts you want to “roll-up”, then send one video to all of those contacts.

Custom branding

Customise your videos with your own logo, landing page, subject lines, footers and team information to ensure all your messaging is perfectly on brand for a seamless user experience.
"It’s easy to get lost in that flood of emails coming to the customer, so Bonjoro is a great way to stand out from the crowd, and get your business noticed."
Jane Reid, Founder, The Gathered Green

Maximise results

Resend workflows

Give unwatched messages a second chance to get through. Choose how many days to wait between re-sends and send as a plain text message to try something different.


Benefit from Bonjoro’s best-in class video deliverability. Send from your own business email via verified domains, Gmail or Outlook, and see a detailed delivery history of all your videos.

Animated Previews

Choose to send your Bonjoro messages as plain text or HTML emails, and to use a static or animated preview of your video to maximise results with your customer base.

Clearly see ROI

Rich Reporting

Track what’s working with Bonjoro’s simple results dashboard, and report back to internal stakeholders. Filter by team members, interactions and dates.

Results Syncing

Send customer interactions and replies back into your own CRM, to track the entire customer journey, measure results against specific goals, and trigger other messaging workflows and drip campaigns.

Video Tracking

Know as soon as someone opens and interacts with your videos, with real-time tracking of opens, views, watches, thanks, and replies.

Work as a team

Team Inboxes

Invite your fellow team members into Bonjoro, set up team inboxes so you can manage your Bonjoro workspaces collaboratively.


Automatically assign messages to be recorded by different team members depending where in the funnel the customer is.

Admin or filmer accounts

Enable access to all features of Bonjoro, or restrict team members to filmer-only account.

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