[Zapier Report 2018] Bonjoro #7 fastest growing app on Zapier

Matt Barnett

Last year we were delighted to make Zapier's list of top 10 fastest growing new apps of 2017.

This year, with the support of our heroic customers, we've gone bigger and better, and have just been announced by Zapier as the #7 fastest growing business app of 2018 - from over 1300 business apps listed on the Zapier platform!

We're honoured to sit alongside ManyChat, Gitlab, Bitly, Mailshake, and other market-leading products who are innovating to help millions of people across the world be more successful in their jobs.

But our position on the Zapier list is just the start of the story...

The real reason Zapier's announcement is important

This announcement is about so much more than Bonjoro's growth.

It's a celebration of the thousands of Bonjoro users who believe that in a world dominated by automations and shortcuts, we should still take the time to engage with customers personally.

Our position on Zapier's list is about more than just software innovation. It's about pioneering business people across the world holding up a mirror to the lazy assumption that customers don't deserve our time.

It questions the current automation zeitgeist, and reminds us that whilst it's not wrong to automate processes to improve productivity, this should never come at the expense of real and human business relationships.

This is just the start

Bonjoro launched in January 2017. In just two short years we've carved out a niche and dedicated customer base that supports and advocates our ethos.

They prove their dedication to true customer engagement each and every day by using Bonjoro.

But together, we're only scratching at the surface.

In 2019 we have huge plans to help businesses scale their efforts to connect with customers. 1-1 video has proved to be game-changing for thousands of businesses, but there is so much we can't wait to share with the world.

Let's hope that come this time next year, with your support, we'll be even higher up Zapier's wonderful and prescient list.

With thanks to Zapier, and all of our customers present and future.

The Bonjoro team 🙏

You can check out the complete Zapier report here, and learn more about Bonjoro and sign up for a free 14 day trial here.

BONUS CONTENT 👋: Top 10 Zapier-Bonjoro Integrations

To celebrate our position on the Zapier list, here's our top 10 apps to connect with Bonjoro!

By connecting Bonjoro with the following apps on Zapier, the moment you get a new lead, signup, customer, buyer, subscriber or member, Bonjoro will add them to your to-do list and notify you.

Remember, Bonjoro connects to over 750 apps on Zapier - you can see more Bonjoro integrations powered by Zapier here.

And if you need a deeper, direct integration, check out our list of dedicated integrations here, and read about our latest feature to make recording your videos even easier: Profile Context

1. Active Campaign

Engage new subscribers like never before. This Zapier integration takes your latest subscribers and adds them to your Bonjoro account. Record them a personal video to show them you care, and keep them hanging on your every email.

2. Patreon

Reward your patrons with a personal thank-you. This Zapier integration takes your latest Patreon pledges and adds them to your Bonjoro account. Record them a personal video to show that you value their support, and ensure they support you through thick and thin.

3. ConvertKit

What better way to connect with new subscribers than to send them a personal "hello". This Zapier automation takes your newly confirmed subscribers and adds them to your Bonjoro To-Do list. It's then just a simple step to record them a personalized video and make a connection that will last.

4. Stripe

Do you thank people enough for buying or subscribing to your products? This Zapier automation helps you to thank paying & upgrading customers for investing in your product, team and company. This integration will add new Stripe customers who enter a credit card, to your Bonjoro To-Do list so you can record a personal video to surprise and delight each new one.

5. Intercom

New intercom users are today's bread and butter leads. Make sure you connect with them in the right way, and give your brand a human face. This Zap adds each new Intercom customer to your Bonjoro To-Do list so you can get personal, get real, and send a Bonjoro.

6. Shopify

When people have just purchased one of your products, this is the best time to generate a little love, word of mouth, and to capitalise on their excitement. This Zapier automation helps you to thank customers for purchasing a product on your Shopify store, and show them you value them. This integration will add new Shopify customers, to your Bonjoro To-Do list as soon as they successfully purchase a product.

7. WooCommerce

It's pretty rare that we receive genuine thanks for buying products online, but it always makes a huge impact. You can now thank each new customer personally for investing in your great products and generate engagement. This Zapier automation will add new Woocommerce paying customers, to your Bonjoro To-Do list so you can record a personal video to thank and engage each one.

8. InfusionSoft

Want to truly connect with your customers and retain more business? This automation takes each new contact you add to Infusionsoft and populates it in your Bonjoro To-Do list. It's then just up to you to reach out with a personal video and elevate that relationship.

9. Honeybook

Engage with inquiries in the most personal way possible. This Zapier integration takes your latest Honeybook inquiries and adds them to your Bonjoro account. Record them a personal video to show that you’ll take care of them at each and every step of their journey with you.

10. Slack

Share the Bonjoro love with your whole team on Slack. This integration will post every thank you your team receives to a channel of your choice, along with a link to the Bonjoro, and the customer ID. Motivate and congratulate your team for all the amazing customer work they are doing.

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