Wedding Photographers That Never Get Ghosted with a 96% Open Rate

Casey Hill

If you work in the wedding industry, you are likely familiar with the problem of “ghosting”. 

A bride/groom will send out lots of enquiries to gauge pricing and fit, and usually half or more of those photographers/videographers never hear back after the initial outreach.

What if I told you there was a team of wedding photographers with nearly perfect response rates?

Landing more clients with personal video

When chatting with Maurice, he told me about the impact that finding Bonjoro and personal video has had on his business.

“ A lot of the time when we’re being contacted, our clients are at the beginning of their wedding planning process. They might have found 2 or 3 photographers they’re interested in, and are sending out generalised enquiries to gauge the feel of each company. Bonjoro instantly sets us apart as we’re responding on film straight up thanking them by name (which is very attention grabbing), and a short message confirming we are interested in hearing more about their plans. This is a powerful hook in, people feel special, seen, heard. We know most of our competitors are responding to that initial client enquiry with template emails and an impersonal price list. “

Use case #1 - enquiries:

Maurice continued by noting, “Most often we use Bonjoro at two points in our sales journey - the first response to an availability enquiry”.

Here is an example

Use case #2 - on location:

Maurice outlined another clever place he uses Bonjoro in his client's journey, to instil confidence and add an extra element of delight with their service.

“We’ll also use Bonjoro to send clients on-location short messages when we fly into their destination, confirming we’ve arrived and are looking at their venues etc.”

Here’s an example:

Maurice explained to me that, “Clients are consistently surprised and delighted by the short videos. They’re unexpected, they find them intriguing and say they’re excited to hear more. We almost always receive a response. This is a huge difference to the industry standard communications, where most vendors complain about being “ghosted” after they email their information pack through to the client.”

As a nice bonus Maurice says, “Once we’ve arranged to meet the client, quite often it’s in a bar or cafe. Having sent them a Bonjoro, they always walk in feeling confident they know who they’re looking for, and don’t have that awkward experience of trying to figure out who’s there for a blind date.”

The results of their personal videos:

The results from Bonjoro were dramatic and noticeable right away. Maurice told me in an email, “it's landed us 50% more clients than had we not used this as a first engagement step”.

Looking at the analytics of some of their recent sending, it’s not hard to see why…

They are getting a whopping 96% open rate on their emails! Nearly everyone who receives a Bonjoro response to an inquiry gets connected with them. Like many of Bonjoro’s power users they record on mobile and try to do their videos outside.

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Casey Hill
Growth Manager
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