5 Ways We Surprise and Delight Customers with Video

Matt Barnett

We’re a communicative bunch here at Bonjoro and we believe in practicing what we preach. It’s our mission to chuck out all of the boring, impersonal bits of business and replace them with FUN so we try and use video messages for as many things as we can. Here are 5 ways we use Bonjoros, our video messages to surprise and delight customers.

1. Welcoming. Every. Single. New. Customer.

We send a unique Bonjoro to every single signup we get, and we always will. Why? Because we love you guys. We’re still thrilled that people want to check out what we do and are as excited by video messaging as we are. Plus, we convert heaps more user by treating them as individuals rather than cells in a spreadsheet.

It’s a little more effort than an automated email but it’s worth it when every day our inboxes fill up with gratitude from our users

If you haven’t signed up already, try it. You’ll receive a welcome video tailored specifically to you. It could be from Amaan on the London tube, Mitch over beers or Oli with his new baby. We’re here 24/7 and we’ll take whatever time you need to get you started.

2. Introductions & follow ups for events and meetings.

Want a surefire way to get a smooth start in every meeting? Video messaging is the answer. We send Bonjoros before any catch-up to introduce ourselves for two reasons. It guarantees that people will remember your name and it's a sure-fire conversation starter. You've warmed up the room before you even set foot in it. Likewise, we follow up after most meetings with people to stay fresh in their minds and provide a call-to-action.

This is absolute dynamite after events! Your face stands out against an inbox full of generic follow-ups the day after and it’s quicker than writing an email!. Top tip: save time by just recording a Bonjoro with whoever you meet live at the event.

3. Reinventing cold outreach On LinkedIn and Twitter

Cold outreach has a bad reputation because a lot of people don’t put a personal touch to it. If you’re looking to get a better from your inMail and Twitter messages, try out this trick that one of our customers discovered for us.

Instead of falling back on a boring old plain text message, send them a link to a pre-recorded Bonjoro and you’re guaranteed to surprise, delight, or both.

4. Customer service & updates

Customer support and bug complaints are inevitable parts of any tech companies workflow and they give you a real opportunity to differentiate yourself from the competition. Recently we’ve stepped up our game and started handling these interactions via video.

How’s it working for us? Check out the email response our developer Mike got below.

This is a great technique to sooth people’s frustrations by showing them that a real person is attending to their problem. Even if it’s a tricky or time-consuming fix, the honesty of a video is better than an email that could seem like evasive or delaying. A gesture of dedication like this is the kind of thing that can convert a non-believer into a lifelong fan of your product.

5. #ThankYouThursdays

Thanking people is powerful. It makes everyone feel good and we want to be doing more of it. That’s why we’re making Thank You Thursdays a regular feature of the Bonjoro culture. Every Thursday we send Bonjoros to customers, friends and team members that we want to show gratitude to. You can join in on Twitter with #thankyouThursdays if you want.

Convinced by the power of video? Sign up here and start giving your customers the surprise and delight they deserve. If you’re still not persuaded, drop us an email at joro@bonjoro.com and we’ll send you your own video message.

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