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Author Avatar Oliver Bridge wrote this on Aug 4, 2021


No matter what type of business you are running, all customers want to quickly resolve their issues. A poor experience with customer service is a major contribution to churn and if you want to keep your customers happy and loyal you need to provide them with excellent service.

While providing your customers with support using written emails or live chat can be great, it can also be quite tiresome. Sometimes, it is easier just to show a customer how to solve their problem. Because of this, video is one of the best ways to deliver your message and provide your customers with more effective solutions. It speeds up the resolution process and can boost customer retention. And, the great thing about it is that video works great in all stages of your customer lifecycle, not just with retaining the customers.

In this post, we will show you how video—specifically video responses—can help you improve your customer service.

The benefits of customer service videos

Videos have been helping marketing and sales professionals for years. With video, your audience can digest a lot of information in a very short time frame. 

As previously mentioned, while help articles can be great, sometimes it is faster and easier to just record a video demonstrating how to fix a problem. 

More than 7 in 10 people use YouTube to try to find a solution to their problem and 86% of them regularly use YouTube to learn new skills. This is a great indication of why video is so important today and why it should be a part of your customer service.

Let us take a look at how video can help you improve your customer service. 

Pre-recording how-to videos 

Sometimes, to help out a customer all you need to do is send them a link to your knowledge base or support docs. However, long-form guides and manuals can take too much time to read, study, and figure out. Instead, you can pre-record videos and send them to your customers when they ask you a question. 

Of course, it is highly unlikely you will be able to pre-record answers to all customers' questions. But if you address the most common ones in video form, your customers will be thankful as now they can digest a lot of info in a much quicker and more engaging manner. 

In addition to helping solve the most common issues your customers face, you can create support videos that will help your customers set up and customize their accounts. You can compile the most common questions you run into and create a video FAQ that you can send to customers with basic queries. 

The main benefit of this type of video is that answering the most common how-to questions upfront with video frees up your time which you can then devote to cases that require your full attention.

If done right, these videos can significantly reduce the number of calls and live chat requests as well as remote logins. Customer service videos can show exactly how to solve a problem, not just explain the process, which can streamline your entire operations. 

Also, the pre-recorded how-to videos for customer service can be used to enrich your knowledge base. When you are building a website and incorporating your knowledge base, make sure that you focus on creating a positive user experience for your customers. The last you want to do is bury your how-to videos somewhere deep in your help docs.

The videos should be easily accessible to everyone.  Letting customers leave comments on help docs in the knowledge base could also help with improving the customer and user experience on the website but make sure that someone can respond to any comment that pops up.

Use video responses to resolve support tickets

While the most common problems can usually be solved with a simple how-to video, sometimes that just won't cut it. When that happens, an experienced customer service agent can create a simple video where they do a demonstration and a walkthrough for the customer to help them solve their more complex issue. 

Instead of drafting a long response that can take ages, you can create a quick 2-minute video explanation. A personalized video made with a codeless solution for that specific customer can help you quickly and easily convey a message. The added human touch in a personalized video can also be of huge help, especially when tensions are high. If you remember those YouTube response video posts from back in the day, video responses for resolving support tickets are other customer service-related issues.

Thank customers with videos

In addition to helping resolve issues your customers face, videos can help improve the customer experience in other ways.

We are all sometimes so focused on certain things that we forget how important it is to show love to our existing customers. Showing empathy and appreciation towards your customers can do wonders when it comes to delivering an excellent customer experience. With the right message, you might see growth through customer advocacy. 

A great way to earn some points with your customers is to thank them and show your appreciation. Instead of the usual thank-you emails that we all are used to receiving, encourage your support agents to create a personalized video for customers. The best thank-you videos use the customer’s name and have an engaging thumbnail. Whether it is an agent waving at the camera, or holding a piece of paper with the customer’s name written on it, the little details will not go unnoticed.

If a satisfied customer receives a thank-you video, their sentiment towards your brand is bound to change. Even if you weren't able to resolve their issue in a way that has left them satisfied, most customers will appreciate the effort and the extra bit of attention can be a huge help in building great relations with the customer. When customers see and know they matter to you, it does make a difference.

Create customer onboarding videos

Sometimes, it can be confusing or hard to start working with a new product or service. Video can help in this process, too. You can create a funnel that will help educate your customers on the product which will provide them with value and gratification from the get-go. 

You can create a support video to take customers through the entire onboarding process and show them how to get the most out of your product. It can even be one of those graphic motion videos if that works better for you.

By creating onboarding videos, you can improve your chances of getting those users invested in your brand by using your product to its full potential, which ultimately leads to them becoming your brand advocates.

The dynamic of how often quickly you want to start onboarding the customer with video entirely depends on you. Usually, the videos go out a few hours after the user signs up. They almost always include a welcome message and a mention of the customer's name (This is where Bonjoro can help!). Use the video to assure them that you will be there through the entire onboarding process, and explain how they can get value from your product.

How Bonjoro can help you level up customer service

Sending a video via email is not as straightforward as it may seem. First of all, you can run into issues like large file sizes or emails that are marked as spam, even if you have already communicated using that email address. Second, when you make and send these videos on your own, nothing guarantees you that anyone will actually click on them and view the message.

No matter which type of video response you choose to go with, actually emailing the customer is not as simple as it may seem.

There are a few ways you can send the great customer service videos you have created to people using Bonjoro — you can send them directly through Bonjoro, email a link with the video you have recorded using our software, send a Bonjoro-made clickable thumbnail or embed it directly in the email. The option you end up choosing depends on a few factors including the context and the size. 

In this article, we explain all the options of emailing a video to someone. Make sure you read it as the insights we provide will help you make the right choice!

In addition to helping you create a video response and send personalized videos, Bonjoro also helps your customers, as they can reply to a video response without leaving the video landing page. They can respond using text or video. Now, how cool is that? Instead of having to leave the page to type out their response in a new message, customers can respond right from there. If they want to respond to your video with a video of their own — they can do it in seconds without needing to download or upload anything.

Being able to get direct responses from customers can help improve engagement rates, build better connections, and create stronger relationships. Getting replies in the form of a video response can also help you learn more about the actual customer values and needs.

Getting started with Bonjoro Replies is easy. All you need to do is record your Bonjoro videos as you would normally, send them and your recipient will see an option to reply by text or send a video response. Once they respond, their video or text responses will land right in your Replies tab. You will get a notification that a customer has responded and you can continue the conversation from there.

Popular video responses questions

How to make a YouTube video response?

These days, it is not possible to make a video response to a YouTube video. However, YouTube can be a good solution for creating video responses if you have the time to deal with YouTube Studio, which is an excellent solution for longer videos but is most likely a pain when you need to create a simple and quick video response for your customer.

What makes a good video response?

A good video response should focus on only important things including the problem and how to solve it. Try to make it short but fun and interesting at the same time.

Wrapping up

If you give it enough time and attention, video can significantly help improve your customer service efforts. Customer service videos can empower your customer to solve the challenges they are facing on their own which increases customer satisfaction and reduces the number of support inquiries.

However, creating engaging videos, especially video responses, is not easy and it requires a bit of dedication and perseverance. With the right tools, you can ensure that every video you create is personalized, engaging and that it lands in the inbox of the right person. 

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