Use Bonjoro Videos to Grow Your Shopify Loyalty Program

Oliver Bridge

Attracting new buyers and making sure orders are sent out on time are paramount for the growth of your business.

However, it’s also crucial to reward your loyal customers to make them feel appreciated and motivate them to buy more from you in the future A great way to do this is by sending personalized videos to thank them and welcome them into your VIP community or loyalty program.

Let us show you how to integrate Bonjoro and Shopify to get this type of workflow going.

Create a Bonjoro-Shopify integration

To set up this automated workflow, you’ll need to log into Bonjoro and navigate to the Integrations tab on your dashboard. You’ll then find Shopify in the list of native integrations, select it and click ‘Continue’.

Next, you’ll need to choose a Shopify event that will trigger the creation of a Bonjoro Task for the customer. While all three offered triggers for Shopify can be used for this workflow, the ‘Order Created’ one is most suitable here.

Once you select the trigger, you can choose what customer data will be transported into Bonjoro once the trigger occurs. It’s best to include as much as possible to allow you to personalize the video you’re sending.

You can also add customized data sets to be transported from Shopify - things like order price or the number of completed orders, essential for segmenting loyal customers from your other buyers. 

Once you’ve added everything, turn the workflow on.

Prepare a Bonjoro template

Bonjoro allows you to create video and message templates, which will enable you to prepare all the content that will accompany your personalized video to your customer.

Since you’re using this workflow to reward loyal customers, you should add things like a quick intro message, and a CTA button leading customers to your loyalty program or inviting them into your community. You can also use this opportunity to point customers to other items they might be interested in, offer discounts, and so forth.

Below is an amazing example from our customer Jeremy, who invites his buyers into his community using Bonjoro. You can read his full case study here:

How an eCommerce Company Increased Customer Lifetime Value by 15%

Create a thank-you video when notified

Now, whenever the trigger occurs, a Bonjoro Task will be created automatically for the customer and you’ll receive a notification through the Bonjoro app. You can then use either the desktop or mobile version to record the video. Make sure to thank your loyal customers directly and showcase the potential perks you offer for devoted buyers.

Once you record the video, choose the template you’ve made and click ‘Send’. That’s all. Now you have an automated workflow in place that helps you quickly and easily create a personal rapport with your most loyal buyers.

Get a free Bonjoro trial

If you're ready to delight your customers with personalized loyalty invites, grab your free 14 day trial of Bonjoro here.

Your community or loyalty program will be buzzing with new customers like never before.

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