How to Use Bonjoro to Turn Warm Leads into Hot Leads

Oliver Bridge

Zoltan Gero, our guest writer for today, believes in not-so-cold email campaigns. In this blog, he describes a step-by-step process of contacting companies using Leadberry and Bonjoro. Read to the end for a 9-step video script framework that you can use instantly.

Do you have low response rate for emails? If so, don’t worry. You’re definitely not the only one.

The 3 most common reasons for a low response rate are:

1. Lack of Personalization

2. Lack of using a Trigger

3. Lack of ‘intent’

In this post, we’ll show you how to beat each of these obstacles and and reveal how we use Bonjoro to turn warm leads hot and get higher response rates.

At the end of this post, you can download the “The 9-Step Warm Reachout Framework with Video Script” which gives you a step-by-step guide to how we build personalized videos at Leadberry.


For most people, personalisation stops at the First Name field. You can stand out from the crowd by going a few steps further. We usually create a video message and use at least two personalized components to make sure it goes through the recipient’s “internal spam filter”. Those two components are:

1. The contact’s name, in the subject line and in the first line of the email too. This is an obvious strategy, and not exactly unique.

2. Starting the video with a view of the person’s LinkedIn profile.

We also include a screenshot from the video where the client can see their own personal LinkedIn profile.

Why is it so effective to use the person’s LinkedIn profile? The first screenshot I send via email immediately makes it visible that I personally checked out the contact. When they open the email, they instantly see a screenshot of her own profile - how awesome is that?

Furthermore, the client gets a notification from LinkedIn that their profile was visited. By this time the video has already established familiarity and there is a much higher chance to get connected on LinkedIn or get a positive response.


Everyone that you sell to will be asking themselves the same question: “what’s in it for me?” You need to provide an answer, a better one than any of your competitors could manage.

Go further. Do your homework. Research the company. Research the prospect.

Before you record your video, decide what you will say that will answer the following:

What’s in it for them

Why it is beneficial?

What it means to you exactly - translate it to their language

And here’s the kicker: why is it important right now?

If you can say something related to the company or to the decision-maker, you’ve got a winner. For example, if the person just started in a new sales position, this might be a perfect timing to reach out.

“I just saw on your LinkedIn that you just started as Head of Marketing at X company, congratulations! Can I give you helping hand in lead generation?”

Alternatively if the company just got funded and there was a big social media news about it:

“I just saw on your Twitter that you got funded, congratulations! Do you focus on lead generation right now? I’d like to help generating higher quality leads which means more sales in less time for your team”

Reflect on a recent event and use it as a trigger to start your approach. This simple move demonstrates that you’ve done your homework and it’s not just “yet-another-cold-email”.

Intent (and not being creepy)

Most high-level decision-makers simply don’t want to signup to an email list. But they still use social media and search for things.

Imagine that they land on your site through an organic search or through. It means they show some kind of interest. Even if they don’t sign up, Leadberry delivers their contact right into your CRM and you can reach out to them.

You can turn anonymous website visitors into leads. We call them “warm leads” at Leadberry.

“Okay but … how do I use it in a video?” - you might ask. Saying, “I know what you did! You visited my website” - sounds overeager at best and like a creepy horror movie at worst.

Instead, check what the did on the website Where did they spend time? Mention the topic or a point of interest. Say something along the lines of, “you might be interested in X feature specifically”. Mind-reading, right?

Your turn: increase response rate with video messages

Reaching out to strangers can be uncomfortable, especially on video, and you may need some time to perfect your messaging. But push past the initial awkwardness and the rewards will be worth it.

Try this solution: 

• Use the right video outreach tool so the outreach will be friendly, yet professional. Even those who replies “not interested”, doesn’t feel it as SPAM or offensive. Woah, that’s weird. There’s a video outreach tool right here.
• Use the intent, which site they visited? Do your homework and make the outreach process personalized and trigger-focused. It doesn’t feel uncomfortable like sending cold emails because it’s not an automated email. 
• When you do what I call “warm outreach”, it’s better feeling to receive it, do do it and you’ll see growth in all your reponse rates. 

As promised, here is a framework which we tested at Leadberry and which works well. Download it here and get higher response rates to your emails.

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