12 Sales Automation Experts Share What They Think is Pipedrive’s Most Underrated Feature

Eric Melchor

Embracing a cloud-based CRM solution like Pipedrive is one of the best ways to help sales teams meet their quotas.

But…there’s one problem.

22% of sales professionals are still unsure about what a CRM is. Moreover, many users fail to adopt or take advantage of key features that a robust CRM solution has to offer.

This has a number of drawbacks since when knowing how to get the most out of a CRM tool, businesses can see an increase in revenue by up to 41% per sales representative and a 73% improvement in business efficiency.

With so much to gain we reached out to 12 Pipedrive experts to get their thoughts on what they feel is Pipedrive’s most underrated feature. All of them have achieved amazing results for themselves or their Pipedrive using clients.

Let’s learn how these Pipedrive experts are achieving great success and discover their tips on how to utilize Pipedrive to its fullest capabilities.

Bruce Bignell, Sales Director & Pipedrive consultant

Most Underrated Pipedrive Feature: Contacts Timeline

The contacts timeline. Most people don't know it exists but - it's pipedrive's answer to 'account management' - for which the Kanban style Pipelines don't really work. The Contacts Timeline helps you to keep in touch with key contacts in your database by giving you a visual timeline of your communications - filterable and sortable to identify the highest priority accounts.

Learn more about Bruce at: weevolvebusiness.com

Paul Minors, Virtual Productivity Consultant

Most Underrated Pipedrive Feature: Activities

For me, the most useful feature of Pipedrive is the activities. I make sure every deal I'm working on has an activity scheduled on it. This helps me avoid a situation where leads get forgotten about or fall through the cracks. It also helps me to maintain a consistent follow-up cadence with leads who just need a bit more time. And by tracking my engagement on a deal, I have a well-built history of communication with the client which I can report on later if needed.

Learn more about Paul at: paulminors.com

Carla Rodriguez, Pipedrive CRM Consultant

Most Underrated Pipedrive Feature: Mentions

"Mentions" is key to improve sales process productivity. Salespeople use it to mention key Users from their team and gather information needed to close deals. They normally mention Approvers, Sales Directors, Experts, Analysts, Logistics coordinators, Accounting or Customer Success. Team collaboration is key to keep the rhythm of any business process and doing this in an organized way can increase sales productivity and customer satisfaction.

Learn more about Carla at: agiliza.digital

Richard Milligan, Recruiting Coach

Most Underrated Pipedrive Feature: Whiteboard

I have several hundred clients using Pipedrive.  I use it because it allows for every person to map their specific thought process due to it being a whiteboard CRM. The best CRM is the one you will use NOT the one with the most bells and whistles. So being able to take ownership of your process is key to falling in love with it and using it.

Learn more about Richard at: recruitingconversations.com

Amit Sarda, Systems Designer and Builder for SMBs

Most Underrated Pipedrive Feature: Activities

My favourite Pipedrive feature is the Activities tab as the command center for sales activities. Even though it is the most basic feature in Pipedrive, many users overlook the importance of this single tab. The list view allows you to slice and dice activities so you can complete them in batches. 

The button filters at the top for Activity Types and Due Date allow to further refine the context of the activities you're working on. The fact that activities and associated deal/contact/organization details can open in the side view, instead of navigating the actual detail page, is a major efficiency booster. If executed correctly, this single feature can make a world of difference to your daily operations.

Learn more about Amit at: amitsarda.xyz

Toni Ann Careccio, Director of Marketing and Sales at PortPro

Most Underrated Pipedrive Feature: Webforms, scheduler and workflow automation

I would have to say the most underrated feature of Pipedrive is the combination of the webforms, scheduler and workflow automation.

For example, if you go to my website and click on “schedule demo” - I would capture your data via the webform which is used to create a contact and company card in Pipedrive. At the end of the form, there’s a button that says “Schedule”. Once you click that button, you are redirected to the scheduler which allows someone to schedule a demo directly on my calendar.

Once the demo is scheduled, we have a workflow automation set up that creates a deal card tied to that contact and company card, and automatically puts it into the “demo scheduled” stage of my pipeline, which then automatically generates a series of tasks (ie. “Update our notes with the results of the demo”)

Learn more about Toni Ann at: portpro.io

Joshua Hidman, Founder

Most Underrated Pipedrive Feature: UX simplicity

I would say Pipedrive's most underrated feature isn't really a "feature" at all. It's the level of simplicity the platform has built around that allows a sales team to get up and running fast.

If you approach Pipedrive with a solid game-plan, you can customize it and onboard a team in less than a day. This is extremely valuable to any small business or sales org that needs to get organized and simplify sales.

Learn more about Joshua at: capsulefive.com

Adam Turl, Director

Most Underrated Pipedrive Feature: The Pipedrive API

Whilst Pipedrive has many awesome features, the Pipedrive API is our favourite. It allows us to build end-to-end automations and solutions across multiple systems. Amongst the many benefits of this approach are the improvements in data quality (only need to enter data once) and increase in productivity (automated processes require less input from employees).

Learn more about Adam at: bigskyvision.co.uk

Kelly Goss, Chief Problem Solver at Solvaa and author of 'Automate It with Zapier'

Most Underrated Pipedrive Feature: Combining filter functionality with workflow automation

With a bit of "thinking out of the box", you can optimise your automation possibilities by cleverly combining filter functionality and Pipedrive's workflow automation tool to boost trigger and action options in your Zapier workflows. For example, you can trigger workflows in Zapier with specific field changes in Pipedrive.

Learn more about Kelly at: Solvaa.co.uk

Juho Koski, COO at Zimple Suomi

Most Underrated Pipedrive Feature: Filters!

The filtering system in Pipedrive is very high quality. I call it underrated since it is the basis of any other processes you build in Pipedrive. The functionality itself is so smooth and fast that users mainly forget how awesome it is.

When you understand the filtering methods, you understand Pipedrive’s structure and logic. You can combine filters in almost everything in Pipedrive. My favourite thing to do after sleeping is fiddling with the filter based automations in Pipedrive.

Learn more about Juho at: zimple.io

Pawel Kusina, Business Developer Manager - Indigo

Most Underrated Pipedrive Feature: Data updates using id’s

This feature maybe for more advanced users but I think that even if you are a beginner and you have lots of data sources coming in excel sheets this can save you tons of time. Since duplicates are not handled well in Pipedrive by using id’s for people, organizations and deals can quite easily update data that is already existing in PD. In connection with excels VLOOKUP function you’ll be able to match the id’s with new excel data and after uploading this to Pipedrive instead of creating duplicates you will update existing data. 

Learn more about Pawel at: endego.com

Bernd Auer, Managing Director - PD-Experts.com

Most Underrated Pipedrive Feature: Filters

Many users prefer adding additional Pipelines with the same process instead of using filters correctly which is horrible for reports, workflows and the daily work from a user perspective. Besides filters, automations. There are many possibilities with automations and a lot of users do not jump into this topic deeply enough. If somebody knows how to handle them, they love it! But if you have no clue about the function, you don’t see the benefit.

Learn more about Bernd at: www.pd-experts.com

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