7 ConvertKit Experts Share What They Think is ConvertKit’s Most Underrated Feature

Eric Melchor

If you’re a creator, utilizing a tool like ConvertKit that allows you to connect with your fans, grow your audience, and sell your digital products and services online is great. 

However, there is a problem.

When presented with so many features like custom landing pages, opt-in forms, easy email templates, and sales funnels, many creators can find themselves confused and not sure what tools to take advantage of to convert more leads and build engagement with their fans.

With so much to gain from using ConvertKit, we reached out to 7 ConvertKit experts to get their thoughts on what they feel is ConverKit’s most underrated feature. All of them have achieved stellar results for themselves or their ConvertKit using clients.

Let’s see how these ConvertKit experts are converting more leads and discover tips on how to use ConvertKit to its fullest potential.

Jay Clouse, Founder of Creative Companion and Host of Creative Elements

The Commerce Functionality

I think the most underrated feature of ConvertKit is their Commerce functionality. The transaction fees are 3.5% + $0.30 (including the actual processing fees) and it's so easy to create and sell products easily. Plus ConvertKit then automatically tags customers by the products they've purchased and so it's easy to segment and communicate with your customers. You can sell digital downloads, private newsletters, and more. I've sold more than $20K through ConvertKit Commerce and I highly recommend it.

Learn more about Jay at: Creativecompanion.club

Aquila Farrell, Founder of Luento Email Marketing

ConvertKit Landing Page

No website, no problem. You can still build your email list with a ConvertKit landing page. When I became an entrepreneur, I spent $400 on a website to share content and build my email list. What a huge investment for someone just starting. But I knew building my email list was important to the success of my business and thought a website was essential to capture email addresses.

A ConvertKit landing page eliminates the need for a website. Using one of their landing page templates, you can create an impressive opt-in page to share with your audience and build your email list. ConvertKit offers dozens of customizable templates and there is no limit on how many you can make. You can do this all without having a website.

ConvertKit is so passionate about helping you build your email list, this valuable feature is included in their free plan.

Learn more about Aquila at: Aquilafarrell.com

Justin Moore, Founder, Creator Wizard

Custom Fields and Liquid Code

By systematically surveying my audience and understanding their goals + pain points, I'm able to utilize ConvertKit's custom fields and liquid code in my sequences to send personalized, highly relevant emails that feel like they were crafted for each specific person. For example, during my recent course launch, I invited creators to watch my livestream where I planned to discuss all the different "goal types" my audience has (e.g. growing their audience, negotiating more money for sponsorships, diversifying their revenue streams, etc.). The next day, when I sent the replay, I time-linked the exact part of the video that spoke to their unique challenge. Results: enrollments increased from 16 creators previously to 42 this cohort.

Learn more about Justin at: Creator Wizard

Jason Resnick, Founder - Nurturekit

ConvertKit Commerce

For my money (pun intended) is that ConvertKit Commerce is the most underrated feature on the platform. Ecommerce is hard, and there are many moving parts to it. If you are a creator looking to grow your business online, you need email marketing, landing pages, and a way to sell. You get all that AND make money before paying them for a plan. ConvertKit has all those and is indeed the #1 Creator Marketing Platform for this reason.

You can create workshops, digital downloads, even a subscription product with ConvertKit Commerce in less than 10 minutes. Share the link to the product and have folks buy instantly. Then when you are ready to take your business to the next level, using their automations, you can carve out a personalized experience for your customers to grow your business even more. To see how to setup a product on Converkit, skip to 7:00 of Jason’s video ‘Top 3 Reasons You Should Use Convertkit’.

Learn more about Jason at: Nurturekit.co

Peter Landt, Founder - Art & Copy / Data

For solo creators/marketers and small teams, ConvertKit’s simplicity makes it stand out. Like many tools now, it has automation workflows built right in. I spend most of my time in ConvertKit's Visual Automations builder and it's a pleasure to work with. Yet, to get the most out of ConvertKit's automations, you need Rules. It's the Rules feature, particularly its Link Triggers – that I find to be the most underrated.


Link Triggers are exactly what they sound like – links that trigger a custom automated action when clicked. There are many uses for Link Triggers that I know of and many more if you get creative. I've used them to discover intent, poll, add tags, subscribe to sequences, and to opt readers out of sub-lists.


As a brand advocate and marketer, I want to know as much as I can about an audience. The more I know about someone's motivation, the more value I can provide to them. Providing relevant content at the right moments will ensure they think of you when they are ready to buy.

Learn more about Peter at: Artcopydata.com

Julia Taylor, CEO & Founder of GeekPack

Resend to Unopens

As someone who sends a lot of email broadcasts and LOVES testing, I think the one-click 'Resend to unopens' option within broadcasts is ConvertKit's most underrated feature. Instead of wasting time setting up an entirely new broadcast and excluding recipients, you simply click a button, and the broadcast you want to resend is set up for you. Even better, the data from both emails are then shown side by side AND as cumulative, so you can see how they performed individually, and combined and make data-driven decisions about your email broadcasts.  

Learn more about Julia at: Geekpack.com

Jeremy Launder, Co-Founder + COO, Modern Direct Seller

Liquid Templating

My favorite ConvertKit feature that’s underrated and not talked about too much is the Liquid templating available in Broadcast and Sequence emails. It lets you customize the email content based on your subscriber’s tags which keeps the message personalized and your subscribers engaged. We use it for conditional content all the time. One example is early on in our welcome sequence we have a poll where our subscriber can let us know their experience level by clicking on a link which assigns a tag. Then in subsequent sequence emails we use that information to mention blog posts, articles and products that are most applicable to their level using “Else if” Liquid statements. Keeping the content relevant to our subscribers has helped with subscriber retention and increased open and click rates!

Learn more about Jeremy at: Moderndirectseller.com

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