The Stats You Need to Know to Be a Bonjoro Master - Part 2

Matt Barnett

The wait is finally over. After two weeks of sleepless nights, wondering when we'll reveal part 2 of our deep dive into the statistics behind a perfect Bonjoro, we're pleased to say it's finally ready. Get caught up with part 1, make yourself a cup of your favourite hot drink, and get stuck in. Oh, and watch this video of Sam introducing himself.

When are people viewing Bonjoros?

• Bonjoros sent to countries other than the sender’s

• Individuals watching Bonjoros out of work hours

A large financial customer who deals with C-Suite clients touched on the second point when we talked to them recently. They mentioned that most of their Bonjoros are watched at home by their busy clients, essentially enabling their team to meet and greet people out of hours.

If we compare sent vs viewed (after cleaning up the data) you’ll see that the viewing times are smoothed out, but roughly follow the sent times. Essentially what this tells us is that messages are often viewed shortly after receiving them and that views are more dependent on when a Bonjoro is sent than the time of day that it arrives. Good news for early risers and night owls!

Exactly how long does it take for a Bonjoro to be opened?

Oddly, power users have a higher median open time but this data is again distorted by teams who have a worldwide customer base and whose Bonjoros are being viewed in different time zones.

It’s hard to pin down exact statistics for the same metrics applied to email as open times are often affected by time zones and the health of a mailing list. We can only speak for ourselves and say that our open times are a hell of a lot quicker when we send Bonjoros compared to traditional HTML emails.

How many times are your Bonj’s watched?

Where are people watching Bonjoros?


If you want to be like the pros, make your Bonjoros around 60 seconds long, send them at 4 in the afternoon and, err, live in the USA.

Sam has now ended his role as Chief Data Hunter (we miss you Sam!) but we’ll be using his findings to build new features over the next few months that we can’t wait to share with you.

If you’ve got any personal findings that back up or challenge any of our conclusions, let us know by sending us a Bonjoro or tweeting us @bonjoroapp.

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