Supercharge Your Shopify Order Fulfilment With Bonjoro Thank-You Videos

Oliver Bridge

If you’re one of the many online retailers relying on Shopify to sell their products, you should consider integrating it with Bonjoro to build a deeper connection with your customers. 

By creating a Shopify-Bonjoro workflow, you can utilize Bonjoro’s personalized videos to improve the order fulfilment process and personally thank your buyers, notify them that the order is ready and give them more data about the product.

This, in turn, is bound to make your customers feel appreciated, making them happier and more loyal in the long run. 

Read on to see how to set up a Bonjoro-Shopify workflow that will allow you to immediately reach out to customers as soon as their order is sent.

Create a Bonjoro-Shopify integration

The first step involves logging in to Bonjoro and accessing the Integration section.

This is where you'll create a connection between your Shopify store and Bonjoro to send your thank-you videos at the perfect moment - in this case, right after an order is fulfilled.

You’ll see Shopify in the list of native integrations. Click on it and tap ‘Continue’.

To target customers whose order has been sent, we’ll need to choose the appropriate trigger event. For this workflow, pick ‘Order Fulfilled’.

Now, whenever the order fulfilment process has been completed for a buyer, a new Bonjoro task will be automatically created, so you or your team can record them a thank-you video and personally update them on their order.

Next, set up what customer data (called 'attributes' in Bonjoro) will be copied from Shopify, which employee in your team the Bonjoro task will be assigned to, and set the Reason for task creation, e.g. "Order fulfilled".

Pulling across customer data helps you and your team see exactly which product was purchased, how many times they've ordered before, etc., so you can truly personalize your video.

Armed with this data, your team will create a better-personalized video for the customer, and your customer will be completely blown away by the experience.

Prepare a Bonjoro template

To further optimize the workflow, you should create a Bonjoro template.

The template lets you control the design of the video that will be delivered to your customers, from how it appears in their inbox, to what they see on the video landing page itself.

This can include accompanying text, CTAs (recommending other products they might be interested in, or a link to change their delivery preference), to the design of the video landing page itself.

Pro Tip: At Christmas time you can download and use one of our fun Christmas themed design templates. They are so cute! You can read our full guide on sending Christmas thank-you videos here.

Create a video when notified

The only thing left to do is wait for an order on your Shopify online store to be fulfilled. When that happens, the workflow will create a new Bonjoro task for the buyer, transfer all the needed data and prompt you to shoot a video for them.

Make sure you follow industry-proven practices when composing your message and email to maximize the effect. Once done, select the prepared template and send the email. 

That’s it. You’ve created a helpful workflow that improves your relationship with customers and saves you time & effort by automatizing and speeding up the entire process.

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