How To Give Every Prospect The VIP Treatment By Unleashing The Power Of Messenger Bots and Bonjoro

Paul Ace

Our guest writer this week is Paul Ace. Paul engineers chatbots using social psychology, viral triggers & complex reasoning to deliver some of the highest converting results in the industry. He's built high-converting chatbot funnels for a range of companies including webinar funnels with opt-in rates and show up rates as high as 80%, and a $121,000 sales funnel for a non profit with just $150 in ad spend. You can learn more about Paul at


We live in a world now where people expect a more personalized experience. No longer can we just send the same standard message to everyone and expect the same results.

As our customers are exposed to more and more marketing messages we have to stand out, we have to find a way to be different. This is why this article is so important and why it can make your customer experience that much better.

We used Bonjoro last year in our e-commerce brand and it made a huge difference to our customer loyalty and the customer experience. Helping us to reach over £16,000 (around $20,000) per month in sales. 

But this year I wanted to take things to the next level I figured with the explosion of messenger bots why not tie in messenger bots and a personalized video experience together.

So in this tutorial you will learn exactly how to send a personalised video message for everyone who subscribes to you on Facebook Messenger.

For this tutorial I'm going to assume that you already know how to set up a Manychat account if you do not simply search on YouTube how to build my first bot in Manychat - this video is good.

For this to work you're gonna need a Pro Manychat account that starts at just $10 a month.

Step 1 - Create your Manychat bot

You are going to create a bot that captures the email field. To do this simply select a new message on a growth tool and choose the option user input and select email.


Step 2 - Create an action in Manychat

Once you've done this select the little thunderbolt next to the free keyboard input. Then select from the drop down menu perform actions. Create the new action, 'add tag' and name your tag something like ‘new subscriber for Bonjoro’.

Step 3 - Create your Zapier trigger

Go to Zapier and we are going to create a new Zap. The first step of the Zap will be selecting Manychat then 'New Tagged User'. Make sure you test the connection to see that the Manychat bot is connected to your Zap. The new tagged user will be the tag you created before in Manychat; for example ‘new subscriber in Bonjoro.’  Then test this step to make sure it works.

Step 4 - Create your Bonjoro action

Now it's time for the second step of your Zap.  Search for Bonjoro, make sure you have already created your account and test the connection. Once you have done this use the action: 'Create Bonjoro'.

Step 5 - Customise your Bonjoro fields

Map the correct Fields with the email, first name, last name. You can search this from the drop down menu on the Zap.

Final step - recording your videos

Now all you need to do is run a test to make sure everything is coming through correctly. Once this is done you are ready to send your first Bonjoro video via their desktop recorder or handy mobile apps.

There you have it.

That is how to send a personalised video message to every one of your Manychat subscribers.

If you want to learn more about messenger bots go to where there is loads of free resources.

Remember you are just one bot away!

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