Supporting Remote Work: Free & Unlimited HD Screen & Webcam Recorder

Author Avatar Matt Barnett wrote this on Apr 9, 2020


Beneath the surface of any company should sit a simple and unwavering purpose.

It should guide everything you do, from how you treat your employees and customers, the products you build, and crucially, how you act in a time of crisis.

Here at Bonjoro, our purpose is this:

"Empowering every company to build real and lasting relationships with their customers, no matter where they live or work."

And boy does the last part seem more resonant than ever right now.

In a world where we've suddenly been isolated from loved ones, colleagues, and customers, staying connected no matter where we live or where we work, is crucial to our mental wellbeing and our economic survival.

So what are we doing about this?

How are we delivering on our purpose right now?

Here is our commitment to you...

Free & Unlimited HD Screen & Webcam Recorder:

6 months ago, we started planning, building and testing a new product, to bring to market in March 2020.

Today that product is ready. But it arrives into a very different world that the one we envisioned when we started building it.

That's why we are making it free from Day 1.

With our NEW Chrome recorder you can record and share unlimited HD webcam videos or screen recordings, 100% free!

Here's what you can do with it:

- Record quick and friendly webcam videos to keep relationships warm with your leads, customers, and team.

- Capture helpful screen-recordings to educate and update them when you can't be with them in person.

- Share your videos quickly and easily wherever your customers and team are, by embedding a thumbnail into your emails or sharing a simple link via social, SMS or chat.

How to get your free Chrome screen & webcam recorder:

From today our new screen and webcam recorder is available on the Google Chrome Store.

You can download it in a matter of seconds right here.

That's it.

No catches.

Just unlimited HD videos for everyone on the planet!

We truly hope this helps you stay connected with your people, and to everyone reading this, good luck in the coming weeks and months.

With love and thanks the Bonjoro team.

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