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Oliver Bridge

Two of the things the Bonjoro team love most are personality and gratitude. That’s why we built a product for thanking people with personalised messages and that’s why we’re so excited to unveil our latest (and possibly greatest) automation: Patreon.

Patreon is a site that connects creators with paying fans. It lets innovative and unique artists of all kinds get financial support directly from the people who love their work, offering total financial and creative autonomy. In return, fans get better access to their favourite writers, podcasters, Youtubers, metalworkers, etc. They also receive privileges for the money they put in, usually in the form of tiered rewards. It’s a modern, crowdsourced spin on the timeless tradition of patronage.

Unsurprisingly, this is right up our street. We love to see people share their passions with the world, especially when the Patreon system ensures that they give something back to their supporters. Today, we’re adding another way for creators to say thanks.

Our new automation lets creators connect their Bonjoro account to Patreon so they can quickly and easily send personalised video messages to new patrons. Whenever a new supporter commits to a subscription, their email will be automatically pulled into the ‘To do’ list on Bonjoro. All you have to do then is record your message and fill it with as much of your personality as you can.

Put yourself in the shoes of a new backer. Maybe they’ve been a loyal fan for years, maybe they’re new to your work. Either way, it’s going to feel special when a completely unique thank-you message from their new favourite creator lands in their email inbox. How good does it feel to share a moment of familiarity with someone you admire? Bonjoro lets you do that for every single one of your patrons.

You can learn more about how to set up automations in this introduction or just jump straight in here. If you’re a creator on Patreon and fancy making the day of at least one Bonjoro team member, tweet us @bonjoroapp and tell us how you’re planning on using our app to connect with your backers.

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