How we built love from our users with 1000+ personalised videos

Author Avatar Oliver Bridge wrote this on Apr 4, 2017

At Bonjoro, we believe that valuing relationships should be the top priority for any business. That’s why whenever anyone signs up for our app, we send them a personalised video message to say thank you and show off some of Bonjoro's features. In the last few months, we’ve sent out over a thousand of these introductions and we get a lot of love for them. Here's just a sample of the responses we have received in response to our videos:

You don't send that many videos without learning a few things, so we put our heads together to think of the key things that you should know if you want to work video messages into your onboarding.

1. People love a personal touch

Adding a few token personalisations to a mass mailout is one thing but looking at someone through a camera and mentioning aloud their name and company puts you on another level. Lots of people got back to us after receiving a message to say that they had initially assumed the video was just something generic that we sent to all sign ups but were really thrilled when we showed that we had made something just for them. We’ve even taken advantage of team members' musical talents to make songs for new users. We can tell you that this makes a lot more impression than you average ‘thanks for signing up’ email.

2. Video really is as good as everyone says

Facebook are going hard on video for a reason: it’s incredibly powerful. The amount of information you can convey in a facial expression or an inflection in your voice is unmatched by anything you can do with text. Person-to-person video really lets you make the most of this power and leverage it for your onboarding. Just 30 seconds of personalised video is enough to help someone put a name to a face and lay the groundwork for a great relationship. The trend of using video more and more isn’t going to change any time soon so there’s never been a better time to start applying it for more than just traditional content.

3. There is no hack for familiarity

Recording individual videos for your users won't work for a team of every scale but the things that can make it time-consuming are the things that make it so powerful. With video, you'll need to put more effort and personality into your interaction than you would with a mail merge or, God forbid, an automated Twitter message. Users will recognise this, appreciate that you took the time and, in our experience, will give you a lot of love in return.

4. Video doesn’t have to be difficult

One of the most exciting things about the recent boom in live video is that people are realising that you don't need an extravagant budget or large amounts of time to produce worthwhile videos. We found something similar with video messaging. We only had to block out a small period of time every day and soon we found a rhythm that let us send dozens of personalised videos every day. After your 5th message of the day, you start breezing through them quickly.

5. Users want to see real people

If you want to build a personal relationship through video, you need to show people that you’re authentic. The best way to do this is to make an effort to get away from your desk or just film something when you’re out and about. Getting a couple of videos recorded while you wait for your morning coffee feels a lot more natural than churning out 50 of them while you sit at your computer. Experimentation and a bit of charisma are the best way to increase rewards.

6. You can’t win them all…

Some people are too busy to give you a look-in. Some people aren’t comfortable with new ideas. Some people may just not like the look of your face and dismiss your video because of it. If you’re trying something new and unfamiliar, you’re always going to get a few people who are confused or just outright reject you. It can be easy to get hung up on this and fret about how you might be able to change their mind. But, while it’s worth taking constructive criticism on board but, it's not worth worrying about a vocal minority if the rest of your users are enjoying the new approach.

7. …But People Will Surprise You

One of the most surprising things we’ve found from using video for onboarding is that the people who love it the most aren’t always the ones you expect. We’ve had some of our most enthusiastic feedback from people in the most corporate environments possible, sometimes signing up immediately to send us a message right back. Unique methods really do get unique results.

That's all folks. If you fancy trying out some video onboarding yourself, sign up for a free trial of Bonjoro. Drop us a Tweet @Bonjoroapp and let us know how you get on!