NEW FEATURE: Publish Social Media Testimonials with Bonjoro

Oliver Bridge

There's no better testimonial than an unfiltered social post from your customer telling the world how amazing your product is.

It passes the acid test for high-performing social proof:

  • It's believable - your audience can see instantly that this testimonial is real and organic, and not incentivised or controlled by you.
  • It's emotive - your customer will often talk emotively about your product on social media, because it's shared in a moment of peak emotion.
  • It's specific - your customer will often show how your product solves their exact problem, and address questions from their followers.

(Psst, we wrote the definitive playbook on using Customer Testimonials to grow your business quicker - read it here)

Post like these are conversion rate gold-dust.

That's why today, we've launched Social Media Testimonials, to help you quickly publish your customer's glowing social posts on your own site.

Let me show you how simple it is to use:

Create your own Twitter "wall of love" (in < 5 mins)

Step 1: Paste your customer testimonial from Twitter and hit "Add tweet"

Step 2: Tag your Twitter testimonials something like "Twitter Wall of Love"

Step 3: Create a Wall of Love using your tagged testimonials

Step 4: Paste your Twitter Wall of Love code to your website

And voila, your customer's glowing social media testimonials will take pride of place on your website, like this:

Hint: try adding it right below your homepage splash, or on your pricing page to instantly boost your conversion rates. You could even share your Wall of Love in sales outreach, or your email marketing.

Give it a try now - I'm super confident you'll get instant value from this!

P.S. If you don't yet have a Bonjoro account, get a free 14 day trial right here. You can send up to 50 video emails, and publish up to 9 testimonials like these 100% free!

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