New Feature: trigger auto-resends for unwatched Bonjoros

Oliver Bridge

Not everyone has time to watch your Bonjoro the first time you send it. That's cool, we get it. But we wanted to give you the best chance of getting your beautiful videos watched by customers. After testing a bunch of different ways here at Bonjoro, we built the simplest, and most effective way to do it. Here's a rundown:

Old way:
You send a customer an awesome video. They miss it, or don't get time to watch it, and you have to login to Bonjoro and manually hit resend. 

New way:
You send a Bonjoro, and if it doesn't get watched we automatically send a follow up to remind them to watch it. Here's how it looks:

1. Go to preferences, and click on "Workflow"

2. Enter your follow up Subject Line, tweak the Email Body, and then tell Bonjoro how many days to wait until auto-resending. Check the box to activate, and save by clicking "Update resend rule". It's really that simple.

So what are you waiting for? Go set it up in your own account here

Any questions about all this, just get right back to us on our Live Chat. And watch out for our next awesome update coming very soon 😀

Oli, and the team

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