Make New Customers Feel Appreciated With This Mailchimp + Bonjoro Workflow

Oliver Bridge

Once a user purchases your service and opts in for your mailing list, the first email is a hugely important factor for creating a great first impression and motivating the customer to stay with your company.

By creating a Mailchimp and Bonjoro workflow, you can ensure the welcome email hits the target by attaching a unique video for each new customer. With this workflow, you’ll save precious time and increase the CLV and customer retention rates.

Here are the needed steps to make this work.

Integrate Mailchimp with Bonjoro

To set up this workflow, you have first to integrate Mailchimp with Bonjoro. This is done via the Integrations tab on your Bonjoro dashboard. Once there, select Mailchimp from the list and set up a trigger. There’s currently only one automation trigger available and it’s just the one we need - the ‘Subscribe’ trigger. 

This integration will automatically create a new Bonjoro Task once you get a new customer and subscribe to your Mailchimp list.

Make sure you fine-tune the customer Attributes (user details), which will be transferred from Mailchimp to Bonjoro once a new Task is created, so whoever will be making videos has more data to personalize the message.

Make a Welcome Email Template

Next up, create a Bonjoro video template for welcoming new customers. The templates determine everything in the email apart from the personalized video - attached messages, CTAs, additional video resources, data collection, and so forth.

Make a compelling personalized video

With the workflow up and running, you’ll be notified by Bonjoro whenever a new subscriber is added to your Mailchimp list. Tap the notification and you’ll be taken to the video creation page. Thanks to the workflow we’ve set up, a Bonjoro Task will already be created and you’ll have a welcome email template ready to go.

Make sure the video is truly personal and engaging by relying on the best industry practices. Once done, just click ‘Send’ and your customers will be treated to a warm, unique, welcoming message.

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