Bonjoro + Mailchimp Integration Helps Charm and Convert Leads

Oliver Bridge

Everyone in marketing knows that leads are fickle beings, with just a moment of inattention or hesitation leading to disengagement and resulting in potential customer loss.

Mailchimp’s automation powers are great for creating effective marketing campaigns that keep leads engaged and for building a strong relationship with your subscribers.

If you’re looking to juice up your lead conversion rates, you should try out the Bonjoro to Mailchimp integration we’re showcasing here. With it, you’ll be able to create a lasting impression on your leads by sending them a heartfelt, personalized video when they subscribe to your Mailchimp list.

Thanks to Mailchimp integrating natively with Bonjoro, we can set this up in a few easy steps. 

Set up a Bonjoro + Mailchimp automated workflow

First, you’ll want to hop over to your Bonjoro dashboard and click the Integrations tab.

Scroll down and find Mailchimp among native integrations. Once you select it, you’ll need to choose a trigger event in Mailchimp that leads to the automatic creation of a Bonjoro task for the lead.

Currently, there’s only the Subscribe trigger available, which is just the one you need. Every time a new subscriber is added to your Mailchimp mailing list, a Bonjoro Task will be automatically created for that person.

Click Continue, type in your Mailchimp credentials, and click Continue again. 

In the next section, you can choose which Attributes (customer data) will be copied over from Mailchimp to Bonjoro when a Task is created. It’s wise to add in as much data as possible so the person in charge of creating videos can know more about the lead and make the video truly personal.

Make a Bonjoro video template

Now that you’ve set up a workflow, it’s time to make use of Bonjoro’s video templates. These templates are a neat way to prepare in advance all the content that will accompany your personalized videos.

You can add CTAs, textual messages, add non-personalized videos, or use one of many integrated apps to add more content or survey your leads. 

The video template will now be ready to use whenever you have a new personalized video to send. Hence, you’ll save time by not having to populate the video emails you’re sending manually.

Record your video once the trigger event occurs

Now that everything’s in place, a new Bonjoro Task will automatically be created whenever you get a new subscriber to your Mailchimp list. A push notification will arrive telling you to make a video, which you can do both on mobile and desktop apps.

Once you finished recording the video, select the template you’ve made and click Send. Now, each new lead will immediately be treated to a unique video, which is sure to increase your lead conversion rates!

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