Why We're Launching #ThankyouThursday

Matt Barnett

We recently published a post that touched on one of the things that matters most to us at Bonjoro: relationships.

This got us thinking about just how vital professional relationships are to every workplace. Whether you’re a bootstrapping startup or a corporation made up of thousands of people, nurturing these connections is vital. But even though we depend on them every day, we don’t always give our clients, colleagues and customers the attention they deserve.

We want to change that.

It’s been part of our mission ever since founding Bonjoro to make relationships in business more personal, whether that means sending someone a video message to introduce yourself or just going the extra mile to say thank you. In fact, saying thank you is our favourite thing to do with Bonjoro. That’s why we send everyone who signs up to our app their own personalised video message to thank them for signing up. After all, gratefulness is essential to any relationship.

In this spirit, every Thursday we’re going to get in touch with some of our favourite people to work with and say thank you. We’re calling it #ThankyouThursday, and we want you to be a part of it.

This Thursday, get in touch with someone you work with that you haven’t taken the time to thank recently and let them know that you appreciate them. Then, why not send us a Tweet (or a Bonjoro!) to let us know who you thanked and why!

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