Introducing your New Bonjoro Video Widget - Deliver Personal Videos on Your Website

Oliver Bridge

We know that email deliverability is an ongoing battle for everyone in 2022.

If your email, or Bonjoro video, doesn’t get seen, it affects everything from your conversion rates, right through to customer retention.

But if you can deliver your messages where your customers are, at exactly the right moment, you'll cut through and get more engagement than ever.

That’s why we’ve taken our first big swing at solving this for you, with a whole new delivery channel for your Bonjoro videos.

Introducing your Web Delivery widget

If you run an online product or service where leads and customers log in to your site, this new feature is perfect for you.

Once installed (instructions here), whenever you send a Bonjoro video to a customer, if they miss it in their email inbox, they’ll see it via an eye-catching widget on your site.

Similar to a chatbot, but way more fun and engaging!

Keep an eye on the bottom left corner of the screen. You'll see the widget, modelled expertly by our Head of CS, James - replete with his favourite winter hat. Your customers will see a little pop-out like this when they log in to your site.

When they click on it, they'll see your video, full message and your CTA.

They can reply and react directly from within the pop-up, or open up your full video landing page.

Right now, web delivery works in tandem with your Bonjoro video emails - triggering when the recipient uses the same email to login to your site.

We will soon add the ability to record and deliver video messages to anonymous visitors, so you can record videos to play on specific pages of your site when visitors land on them.

Let's talk about ROI:

We have been using web delivery internally for the last 6 weeks, and we've seen a 27% increase in our Bonjoro video watch rates. This has already cascaded into 20%+ more trials converted, which is just huge for our growth.

We're super excited to put this feature in your hands, and we're confident you'll see a similar uplift and ROI.

Outside of the statistical impact, the web delivery widget adds an extra human dimension to your communications.

Just imagine how you'd react getting a personal video welcome video when you try a new tool out for the first time - it's so much more fun and engaging than a standard chat bubble.

How to get started:

Here's how to get the web delivery widget up and running on your site:

1. Head to your Bonjoro settings and open the new Web Delivery tab.

2. Select “Bonjoro Master Script” and follow the instructions to install it on your site.

3. Customize your widget - change the color, position on page, and where you want it to appear.

You can find an installation guide here. If you get stuck, reach out via our live chat. You can also book a setup call with us here.

Can’t wait to see the results you get!

Bear hugs from Oli and the whole Bonjoro team 🐻

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