Introducing Bonjoro's new UI - all based on your feedback πŸ™Œ

Author Avatar Oliver Bridge wrote this on Dec 1, 2022


It's been a while since we last refreshed the interface of the Bonjoro platform.

In that time we've seen over 30,000 more businesses sign up and get amazing results.

Business changing results like 18% more trial conversions, $348,000 more course sales, 15% less demo no-shows, 32% more repeat customers, and $46,000 donations.

But before you log in to your account, and see the super vibrant, super fast new Bonjoro, I want to say a quick thank you.

The new UI is all based on your feedback, and we could not have done it without all your great ideas shared on our live chat, support calls, and feedback surveys.

So once again, thank you SO much πŸ™

Here’s just a few ways the new Bonjoro interface makes your life easier:

↔️ Simpler navigation between Video Messaging and Testimonials
⚑ Faster load times to save time sending your personal videos
πŸ’¬ Clearer notifications to spot replies and respond immediately
πŸš€ Better interface for creating and sharing screen recordings

Watch our quick video run-through below, or scroll down to read in more detail.

Navigation bar changes

Here's a screenshot of the new top level navigation for Bonjoro, when using Video Messaging,

and when using Testimonials:

The first thing you'll notice is that we've separated out the two core products: video messaging, and testimonials.

This means new users will find it much easier to find and use the product they want, and existing customers will be able to more quickly switch between the two main features during daily use.

We've done away with the confusing crossover between the top nav and the side nav. The top nav bar is now only for toggling products, and the left nav contains all the features within that product, which we'll look at in a moment.

Now let's dive in to the two products themselves. I'll post the new side nav images as we go through so you can follow along.


Video Messaging UI changes

Send Videos

The big change you'll notice is that we've simplified our naming, and Tasklist is now simply "Send Videos". This is now your first port of call for sending any video messages to leads or customers.

In the coming weeks we will be revamping the sending interface so you can send videos much quicker. You'll see that change very soon.


The other big change is that we've introduced a new sub-level nav of "Messaging". This keeps all of your video sending, results and responses in one place, which makes much more sense in terms of your daily usage. This is where you spend most of your time, once your setup is complete, so we've brought all of those elements together.

Setup & Manage

To fit with this thinking, we've pulled out all of the setup and management features into a separate sub-level navigation called "Setup & Manage". This is the stuff you'll need to do when setting up Bonjoro, or setting up new Bonjoro workflows, but you won't need to check it on a day to day basis.

Here's an example:

Let's say you want to use Bonjoro to welcome and convert more trial users into paying customers.

You'll need to create a workspace for this, perhaps called "New trial", then you'll create a video message template for onboarding your new trials. Here's an example:

Then to make the whole process scalable and repeatable, you'll want do integrate with your CRM or email marketing tools to pull in your new trials into Bonjoro, so your team can send a quick video at the perfect moment.

Here's how the integrations editor looks - it's very similar to how Zapier if you've used that:

Then once your integration and template are created, you'll just need to send your videos each day, and watch the trial conversions notch up another level.

Now, let's talk about the next part in that nav, called "Share Library".


Introducing your new Share Library

You now have a separate library for any pre-recorded screen recordings or videos you've uploaded into Bonjoro.

These can be recordings made with Bonjoro's Chrome screen & webcam recorder (included free with your Bonjoro subscription), or videos taken with another tool, and uploaded into Bonjoro.

You can apply call-to-actions and branding to your screen recordings and uploaded videos using message templates, then share with your prospects or customers via email, DM, or by adding to your email marketing.

FAQ: What's the difference between "Send Videos" and "Share Library"?

"Send Videos" is used for sending quick personalized video to leads and customers, either 1:1 or in a small group using our group sending feature.

"Share Library" is used to create pre-recorded videos which you can share outside of Bonjoro, by copying and pasting the link to the video. Here's how it looks when you apply a template and grab your video share link:


Testimonials UI changes


OK, let's talk about Testimonials.

When we created Testimonials, the whole point was to fix the huge pain of gathering and sharing testimonials easily. We split our solution into three obvious areas of difficulty for business owners and marketers, namely: collecting testimonials easily, keeping them organized in one single place, and publishing them with minimal or no-coding required.

That's why we've split Testimonials into these three areas.


Collect is where you'll create your testimonial request forms to share with customers.

To fit with this thinking, we've renamed Projects to simply "Request", because that's what you're doing: requesting testimonials from customers. Once you've created a request form, you just need to share the link with your customers, and the whole experience of giving you a testimonial is a breeze for them.


Manage is where you'll store, edit, and tag your testimonials.

This means your team can keep everything neat and tidy, and know exactly where to look when someone asks, "does anybody have a testimonial I can use for the new landing page!?" Or, "does anybody have a great testimonial from a charity I can use in my sales meeting?"


Publish is where you'll effortlessly publish your testimonials to your website or landing pages with no-coding required.

Simply select which testimonials you want to publish, and copy the embed code to put on your website. The killer-app here is that you can update your website's testimonials in real-time by simply tagging any new testimonials that come in, or un-tagging any you want to remove. No need to pester your dev team or webmaster.


Mobile web UI changes

If you've ever tried to use Bonjoro on your mobile, you'll know that the mobile web experience doesn't get close to matching the desktop web and native mobile apps. This is about to change.

You can now manage your Bonjoro account on the move, using our brand new mobile navigation bar.

How cute is that? It's still the core Bonjoro experience, just with a small, but perfectly formed mobile web interface.


What's coming next

And this is just the start!

Now that we've re-built the core interface, we'll be improving every aspect of the Bonjoro experience. Here's just some of what's coming next:

  • Desktop video recorder - a quicker, easier way to send personal videos from the Bonjoro web app
  • Message templates - a simpler way to customize and personalize the videos you send
  • Integrations - a better interface for connecting your CRM to Bonjoro to create videos at the perfect moment
  • Social media testimonials - upload and publish social media testimonials to publish on your Wall of Love
  • Dashboard - a brand new dashboard for managing your Bonjoro account and keeping tabs on your results
  • Secret project - a fun tool for "adding a human touch to every email you send" which will get you more replies on email

I cannot wait to share that last one with you!

In the meantime we hope you love the new UI. Log in here to give it a try, or get a free 14 day trial of Bonjoro if you're yet to try it.

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