6 Insightful Tips for Growth Through Customer Delight

Oliver Bridge

Whether you know it or not, customer delight is a huge part of every business. Having customers who aren't just satisfied, but enthusiastic, can have huge yields for your company through repeat business, advocacy, and general good vibes. We asked some major players across various industries to give their tips on how to delight customers.

These tips were originally published as part of our White Paper - Mastering Customer Delight to Grow Your Business. We've reprinted a few of them here to get you thinking about what you can do to delight your customers more.


Technology, SaaS - Business automation software that specializes in assisting small businesses & entrepreneurs

As an organization we do things a bit differently - all of our feature additions are free value adds for our customers - not costly adds ons. We also send out a physical copy of our magazine (Modern ONTRApreneur) to all new and existing customers every quarter. It features interviews with some of the best minds in marketing and entrepreneurship out there, campaign maps, and cutting edge strategies.

Our newest initiative (and my personal favorite) is what we’re calling “ONTRAlove Letters” -Twice a year, our team members get together and optionally choose the clients they’ve really connected with. We then set aside some time and each hand write letters to our chosen people and drop them in the mail. We truly are lucky to work with such an amazing group of people it makes serving and delighting our crowd easy. This has resulted in amazing relationships with our customers and ONTRAPORT Evangelists popping up around the world.


Coworking - One of London’s fastest growing coworking communities built for entrepreneurs, startups, bigger businesses and agencies

We pay very close attention to our community and like to surprise and delight our members with small personalised gifts. We call these random acts of kindness, but they really aren’t random at all! It’s important to us personally and professionally to show our members that we really get them and understand what they might like or need. From bespoke branded cycling caps for our resident bike lovers to a weekend survival pack for a team working round the clock, no two gifts are ever alike! Our purpose as a team is to delight our members every day, from smaller interactions to the big stuff. In turn, the personal attention each member receives really impacts our retention rate. Members often say that they want to be part of the Huckletree community because of our amazing team and the level of care and attention they get from us.

Luria Petrucci

Livestreaming expert & entrepreneur - American podcaster and Internet personality best known for her podcasts GeekBeat.TV (video), GeekBrief.TV (video), and GeekBeat LIVE (video)

From spending 30 minutes a day in free Facebook groups just helping random people out and answering questions about LIVE video without expecting anything in return...to creating Bonjoros when they sign up... to randomly popping onto my students' LIVE streams and participating in THEIR audience’s conversations (which is NOT part of my service offerings)... all of it is unexpected and delights and excites them!

People tend to become extremely loyal customers quickly around here because they know they’re not just “another customer” to us. And because of that, they’re out there spreading my message better and more quickly than I ever could. They know they have a family and a safe place where they get encouraged and uplifted, and they want their friends to experience that as well!

The most delightful thing I do for my customers is truly caring for and about them. So many agencies are just after a cheque. Ever since I started really showing (and not just saying) that I cared about my clients and getting them results, everything has gotten so much easier and ran so much smoother. My business is growing more than ever and now people are coming to me because word spreads fast about people that have a good reputation with those they work with.

Alex & Mario - Co-founders at Spriggy

Technology, Banking - Australia’s fastest growing financial education product

We work with Australian families to build a product that parents and kids love. From the very beginning, the Spriggy team has worked out of the kitchens and living rooms of our first families, we were even invited to one of our Spriggy families’ birthday parties!

As we’ve grown, we’ve attempted to embed this sense of collaboration and familiarity into how we operate. Our families are able to vote on features and contribute to produce development through our “Spriggy Labs” program, and the entire team contributes to customer comms and support. This allows our families to feel as though they know the people behind the product and helps the team better understand the nuances of the challenges encountered by our families.

Chuck Odom

Business Advisor, Entrepreneur - Business advisory and consulting services, specialising in cloud accounting and online collaboration, tax planning and preparation, and financial reporting

Personalized videos with Bonjoro and Handwritten Cards with Feltapp. The combination of video and written messages adds the personal touch and interactions lost in many business relationships. These two services have greatly changed how I let customers know I appreciate them, thinking of them or reaching out to engage in new services. The feedback I’ve received from these two services has been amazing!


Technology, SaaS - Zapier moves information between web apps automatically, so users can focus on their most important work

Everyone at Zapier, including executives, contributes to helping customers during an “All Hands Support” shift each week. This helps us delight our customers by providing better and faster support while ensuring that everyone at Zapier understands the struggles our customers encounter when using our product. Through this approach, we can support more customers to continue growing our business and keep people happy.

Want to get more case studies on customer delight from companies like Buffer, Convertkit, and Patron? Download the full White Paper here (and then tell your friends about it).

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