How to Thank Your Patrons with Personal Videos - #ThankYouPatrons

Matt Barnett

To celebrate #ThankYouPatrons day, we've put together a short guide for all you awesome Patreon creators out there, explaining how to thank your Patrons with delightful personal videos!

Read on to find out how you can give your Patrons an extra special message to remember...

Why personal video works

A personal video from you, the creator, is the perfect way to establish an emotional and human connection with your supporters.

It's a simple way to break down that online barrier that exists where our supporters and fans can't meet us in person.

In fact, we recently published an article all about thanking, highlighting scientific research showing that thanking customers doubles their willingness to engage with you.

And when making a living as a creator is ALL about delighting and retaining your patrons, personal thank you videos give you such a HUGE opportunity to develop and deepen those relationships, and increase your retention rates over time.

Bonjoro was personally recommended by Jack Conte himself as a great way to increase membership retention. Jump ahead to 8 mins in this YouTube video for his take :)

Personal video is just such a win win. It takes seconds to record. Your patron feels loved, and you make more money over time...

Hell, one creator even wrote a jingle about how much personal video does for his business. We can't beat that!

How to thank your Patreon fans with video

OK, here goes. This is your 5 minute guide to taking patron satisfaction into the stratosphere!

First things first, you'll need a Bonjoro account. This will make it easy to send your videos via web or mobile at just the right moment.

Check it out and sign up here

**(Don't worry - Bonjoro has a totally FREE plan, so you won't need to pay a penny unless you want to)**

Then try these ways of thanking your patrons...

1. Thank new pledges with a personal video right after they pledge

For this one you'll need to use Bonjoro's Patreon integration. This is a quick way to pull your new pledges into your Bonjoro app, so you can fire off a quick thank you message as soon as they pledge, right from your mobile phone or desktop.

You simply connect your Patreon account, select a trigger event (which include Pledge created, Pledge updated, Pledge Deleted or New Follower) and boom, that person will show up in your Bonjoro account, and you're ready to record.

Here's a full guide to creating this workflow when you're ready to use it.

Creator, and peerless parrot hat wearer, Creighton Broadhurst does just this, and he gets massive engagement from patrons, as he explains here:

2. Thank ALL of your Patrons today!! Because, well, it's #ThankYouPatrons day right!?

OK, today's the day, so how can you do this personal thanking right now?

Simple. Get a CSV list of all of your lovely superfans and upload them into your Bonjoro account using our CSV upload feature.

You can read about that here.

Or just enter their emails manually into the Bonjoro mobile app and send them a video. Here's a quick video showing how the mobile app works for sending your videos:

3. BONUS IDEA - Thank long term pledges at specific milestones (6 mths, 1 yr etc)

This one is a little more complex than the ones above and you'll need to have your Patron data in a CRM to do it, and a Zapier subscription. But the idea is to thank your fans at regular intervals.

So, you'll need to set up tags or events based on key milestones in your CRM - think 3 months, 6 months, 12 months etc.

Then, using Bonjoro's Zapier integration you can select your tag/event as your "Trigger" event in Zapier, and create a Bonjoro Task as your "Action" event. We put together a little guide here on Bonjoro + Zapier.

That's it. Simple. All you need to do then is wait to be notified, pull out your phone (or laptop) and record your video thanking them for their long-term support, and telling them why they should stay with you.

A video isn't just for #ThankYouPatrons day!

We just want to take a personal moment to celebrate some our Creator customers who send Bonjoro videos ALL year long.

Those Creators who are dedicated to customer relationships, who show that it's still possible to be human in our age of automation.


Thank you to the hilarious Brad Guigar of

Thank you to the wondrous Chrysanthe Tan of

Thank you to the marvellous Dave Kellett of

Thank you to the joyful troubadour Nate Maingard of

Thank you to the inspiring Andrew and Andrea Doig of

Thank you to the one-of-a-kind Drew Ackerman of

Thank you to the spiritful Fer Juaristi of

Thank you to the delightful Steve Dotto of

And finally, thank you to the zestful Jonathan and Ben Carlin of Super Carlin Bros

OK, that's it. Have an awesome #ThankYouPatrons day and go get thanking!!

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